Pirates of the Caribbean

By April 6, 2006Taking It for Granted

Blog-Icon-MI.jpgJohnny Depp played a riveting rogue in Pirates of the Caribbean, pitting him against a hardcore group of pirates under the command of Captain Barbossa. It was so successful that a sequel will be out this summer, once again featuring Depp as Jack Sparrow.

Sparrow turned out to be a “good” pirate who saved the governor’s daughter as well as the British Navy. But generally we think of pirates like the ones he vanquished–dark forces marauding law-abiding citizens. What does this have to do with manufacturing, you ask?!

The source of manufacturing lies in innovation, new ideas, new products and processes. Often, billions of dollars are invested in products that flop. Sometimes a new idea takes off and, if it is patented or otherwise protected, will earn its inventors a return on their intellectual property investment. Increasingly, however, we hear voices saying that this is all wrong and that such advancements for humankind should be available to one and all without all the messiness of intellectual property laws. Such voices take our modern society and the manufacturing base for granted. Think Captain Barbossa.

The institute is concerned about these trends because manufacturing can’t flourish without strong IP laws around the country (and in a global marketplace, around the world). So we will be releasing a new report on April 19 that addresses these concerns and we suggest you tune in that day when we have a roundtable on the topic here. If you want to attend, let us know. Take THAT, Captain Barbossa!

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  • Very good point.
    If all advancements are freely available for all humankind and businesses — without a price — what incentive is there to develop the advancements in the first place?