NYC Transit Strike: Epilogue, v.2

By April 18, 2006General

And so the final shoe drops: For their illegal strike at the end of last year, Judge Theodore Jones of the NY State Supreme Court in Brooklyn has fined the Transit Workers Union (TWU) $2.5 million and has forced them to suspend indefinitely their automatic collection of dues. According to this AP story by Adam Goldman, the union may appeal the latter ruling in 90 days, but the fine really is a back breaker. Worse yet, they deserve it for so blatantly flouting the law. Last week, union leader Roger Toussaint was sentenced to 10 days in jail for leading the illegal walkout.

Recall that New York’s Taylor Law quite clearly forbids public employees from striking. Yet historically, striking unions always seemed to get off with a slap on the wrist, if that, after illegal strikes. Hooray for the MTA for holding the TWU’s feet to the fire and for not going along with the usual wink and nod after the deal was done, but rather in seeing the legal process all the way through to the end.

These union members were ill-served by their leader They must now quite literally pay the price.