Neil Trautwein

By April 8, 2006General

Below is Neil Trautwein’s last blog post for us. As you’ll see therein, he’s leaving the NAM to go do great things for the National Retail Federation. Neil was hired by the blogger-in-chief about 6-7 years ago. He was working at the Chamber of Commerce at the time, and every meeting we had together, he stood out. We would just sit in these meetings and marvel at how he always had the insight and the depth of knowledge on health care that just blew the room away. Always soft-spoken and understated, he was the guy in the room everyone respected.

We’ve had a great run together and he’s had a great run at the NAM. We were lucky to have him with us as long as we did. Neil was not just a good one, he was — and is — a great one. He was that rare breed of unsurpassed expert — the voice of God when it came to matters of health care, an enormously complex issue — but with no sign of ego and a temperament that was always even. He wrote e-mails that became his trademark, making their way all over Capitol Hill, the Administration and the White House. Anyone who wanted to know what was going on in health care need only spend a few minutes a week reading his famous “Neil-grams” and they were set. But to define him by these e-mails is to sell him short. The e-mails were great because he had the ability to summarize the most complex issues in just a few lines. They were a testament to his expertise.

And so we bid Neil a fond adieu. In a career, colleagues come and go. A few stick with you in your mind and your heart. Neil is one of those colleagues we will never forget. We thank God for the days we had the privilege of working side by side with him and hope we get the chance to do so again some day. We wish him well in his new career at the NRF and know wherever he is, he’ll be the smartest guy in the room on these issues, and he will be making a difference.