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By April 3, 2006Global Warming

Bob Novak’s column in today’s Washington Post sheds some more light on the global warming (or was it cooling?) frenzy. He talks about James Hansen of NASA — a John Kerry supporter and President Bush critic — and his protests that he was silenced by the Bush Administration, kept from sounding the alarm on global warming. Of course, he appears to have been on the speaking circuit, talking about how he was being silenced. He told, among others, “60 Minutes”, the New York Times and several speeches, one endorsing candidate Kerry and one at the New School in New York City. All we can say is if somebody’s supposed to be silencing this guy, they’re doing a pretty lousy job. Fact is, as Novak reports, he’s been on this jihad since at least 1988. However, since the scientists are clearly divided on this topic, says Novak, Hansen & Co. decided to take the political route. That appears to be working better. What the hey — when science fails, try rhetoric.

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  • ChagrinRick says:

    Or when rhetoric fails…try outright lying. Which seems to be what the oil companies and their cohorts seem to be trying to do.

    The only division is between independent scientists doing actual research and hacks with Ph.D.’s paid by the oil companies to spread their propaganda.

    BTW, we’re supposed to be skeptical of a guy who supported Kerry but not Kerry critic and Bush supporter Novak?