Lou Dobbs Sees (Corporate) Ghosts

By April 4, 2006Miscellaneous

Dobbs Watch In this week’s Newsweek there’s a Q&A with opinion-mesiter Lou Dobbs. He really is basking in this immigration issue. As we’ve said before, he was made for this moment.

Much as we hate giving him yet another platform, it’s good just to read the Q&A, see how long it takes for your jaw to drop. Our favorite:

“The middle class and working men and women in the United States are going to continue to be assaulted by a continuing flow of cheap foreign labor into the United States and outsourcing of jobs to cheap foreign labor markets.”

You could drive a truck through the holes in his argument. If indeed we had all the “cheap foreign labor” we need here in the good ol’ US of A, why do we need to “outsource….jobs to cheap foreign labor markets”? Truth is, manufacturers locate facilities to be close to their customers and to the talent pool and affordable energy. Labor costs are but one small piece of the equation. Why does Lou think Haiti isn’t an economic powerhouse if it’s all about labor costs? Hey, don’t be a buzz-wrecker.

Before he’s done, he ends up throwing brickbats and Republicans and Democrats alike, laying all sorts of mayhem at the doorstep of “corporate America” (hey, that’s us!). As the Tim Rutten piece says in the LA Times, this is a guy who’s now against St. Patrick’s Day. OK, now he’s cutting a little close to the bone. He also criticized Columbus Day. We have friends in New Jersey who could make life very uncomfortable for him on that score. In fact, if Tony were not in the hospital, Lou might have real trouble on his hands.

So read it and click on the “Comments” tag below and let us know what you think.

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  • Bob says:

    I believe that Lou Dobbs is trying to make the american people think,what is the right thing to do, Why does it take two people to make a living.when years ago you could live on one pay check, why are you leaving your children in a day care, or having someone else raise your children,why do you need someone to mow your lawn,what has really happen to americans. and all of the old time immigrates had to sign in to get into this Country,one was at Ellis, At that time they asked for people to come here and work,We did not do it illegally,and we did not protest anything. We need to protect our boarders. and if you want to be in this Country do it the legal way. I’am also sick of hearing americans don’t want to do the job , sorry know many white americans working for $7.00 and $8.00 dollars an hour, If you go by the welfare office you can see many Mexican- /and others not white.I guess people don’t know if you go to a refugee camp you can get money to start in the good old USA.Bob

  • lou dobbs for president says:

    amen to that.

    there are two things that can happen
    if lou dobbs becomes president:

    1. lou dobbs recognizes the ground realities that keep the american economy functional- outsourcing, illegal aliens etc.. he changes his tune and proves himself to be a hypocrite.

    2. he stands up for what he says and drives his country to the dogs.

  • peter_L says:

    I can’t say I don’t disagree that some of Dobbs’ figures and arguments are a little…convoluted, to say the least. However he seems to be the only pundit who is trying to tell it like it is! Anyone who HONESTLY watches his show, pays attention and doesn’t come away with at least SOME concern for the issues he speaks about is another useful idiot…He does need to be careful that he does not become another blowhard-FOX has enough of those…

  • George says:

    The mere fact that the 11 to 20 million undocumented immigrants are here and now almost for sure working to sustain the pace of this economy, is enough reason to keep them and thank them for all the help they have given us.

    Lou Dobbs and the House of Representatives would like to yank them, all of them out and cripple this country for good. Lou Dobbs never did learn his economics from Harvard, he learned it through what fear and apprehension he can sell to the gullible. A whole bunch of people are biting…

  • George says:

    For the many Americans who do not see Lou Dobbs as a self promoting anti-anything that will see zealot. Good Riddance.

  • ProUSA says:

    *** Lou Dobbs for President ***

  • Allen says:

    I dont think this is a Dobbs bashing blog but I also find it ironic to see how many close minded people are out there who bleive Lou Dobbs care about “Middle Class Americans”. The fact is that he only cares about his ratings and nothing else. His arguments are 90% none sense and lot worse than O’Reily indeed. It just takes well minded people to see how dumb they are. The real question is what he’ll be doing after this immigration debate is over and 11 million “illegals” get their amsesty? I would like to see a blog on predicting Lou Dobbs post amnesty job! I leave that to you my fellow bloggers!

  • John says:

    The solution to the immigration debate is relatively easy:
    Immigration in moderation works.
    Excessive immigration doesn’t.

    Also in an era of violent street gangs, organized crime, and terrorism, borders need to be properly enforced. One in four crimes in the U.S. is now done by someone who was not born in the U.S. or a child of thiers. The bad, unfortunately,are coming in with the good.
    Since 1995, over 35,000 murders have occurred in the U.S. by illegal gang bangers, more than 12 times the number that died on 9/11. Criminality from outside the country is a much worse problem than terrorism.
    I might add that the real unemployment rate is always two and a half to three times higher than the official unemployment rate. The official unemployment rate only includes those who have been out of work four months or less. We need to start getting serious about our own inner city unemplyment, instead of relying on cheap imported illegal immigration.
    The answer to this immigration problem is obvious. Properly secure the border, work out a guest worker program for the illegal farm workers, reduce immigration to urban areas and start employing inner city Americans and give the young people there an alternative to gang life, and have a sensible moderate immigration policy like we traditionally hsave had for most of our history, with the exception of a few brief periods.
    The “ageing issue” is bogus. We are living 16 years longer on average than we did when Social Security was first passed. The obvious answer to that is to increase the retirement age, not by 16 years, but at least by a few years. If you do that, and emply the inner city again, along with some moderate legal immigration, we will have more workers than we know what to do with.

  • Ryan says:

    You anti-globalization and anti-trade folks really should read some Adam smith and David Ricardo who understood the benefits of trade for all people. Opposing outsourcing will not keep America competitive in the global economy. Making sure that America is an attractive place to do business through energy, tax and health care issues would help us compete. Just look at Ireland who transformed their economy in the last decade by using globalization.

    We don’t live in a vacuum and not competing in the global world will make us all worse off. We shouldn’t fear competition we should rise to the challenge. Outlawing outsourcing and global trade will make us all poorer period. There are a finite amount of resources and controlling costs allows cheaper goods and investment in other sectors of the economy. Technology displaces FAR more jobs than outsourcing ever does. We don’t ban technology.

    People may love to blame immigrants legal and otherwise for a whole host of problems from wages to health care, but we will NEED many more workers to support the entitlements for baby boomers. So build a 60 foot wall (technology won’t work only billions of dollars for a wall) but realize that people will be let in, because we need the workers to support boomers.

    Dobbs promotes misinformed defunct economic views that if followed would spell disaster for our country. He should be helping America solve problems with real solutions, not obsolete protectionist rhetoric.

  • Kaiser Souze says:

    Lou Dobbs is defending the American Worker,American Businesses that OBEY THE LAW.

    He opposes outsourcing,he opposes illegal immigration and he opposes sending American jobs offshore and want to keep manufacturing dollars inside the US labor market.

    NO AMNESTY,leave America and apply for a work visa like everone else in the world does.

  • peter mac ardle says:

    minimun wage how much? medical care what?.minimum to cover?18 dollars an hour? illegall imigrant 6.00 pricless

  • Buy watch says:

    Its not always cheap labor, sometimes companies do not get qualified people in america. If government trains more people, may be companies won’t look for talent outside.

  • Alfred says:

    Get off it you can bash dobs all day long-no one beleives -people that sell out their own country men for a dam drity buck-and you people call yourselfs Americans. That just will not do it any more-to you I.D. theft is O.K.-false documents the cost of doing the job and S.S. theft what the hell-no ones going to enforce the law any way. These people you hire illegaly want your country(fool) dont you com-prend-day.

  • Al doten says:

    Dont think for one sec. That this so called crack down on illegals-means anything at all-it just keeps us off our governments back-till they sell us out. Chertoff gave it away-he said he would enforce the law-no matter the out come. After he cleared his throat-Its to little to late-Mr.chertoff-who do you think your kidding?Now what about our poorus Borders.The ones you will never protect- Not even in the time of war? Did you just forget about them? No the governments intent was not to protect our borders after 9-11.

  • start_thinking says:

    lou dobbs is a very clever person with a very racist agenda that he couches very effectively in a “national interest” cloak. his standard comment is that people without any valid arguments resort to calling him racist to cloud the “real” issues. maybe he hasn’t read what’s written next.

    one of his major complaints is that a large majority of the illegal immigrants have less than high school education. at the same time, he says that they are taking away highly skilled jobs from the manufacturing and construction sectors (when asked if it is true that they are doing what americans won’t do).

    how can a person without even a high school education take away a job that requires skill and specialization? obviously this is a fallacy that his largely brain-dead followers choose to ignore.

    the obvious answer to the above question is that these jobs do NOT require high skill, so that an uneducated person can perform them. under that condition, do you think that it is unreasonable to assume that americans, who are for the most part at least high-school educated, would want to do these jobs? and even if they wanted to, it is the law of economics that they will have to accept lower salaries for jobs that can be as easily done by lesser educated people.

    i refuse to accept that illegal immigrants a burden on federal and state exchequer. i have spent significant time in this country and have yet to a see a hospital that pays other’s bills. how about the government taking social security tax from temporary work permit holders that it has no intention to return when they leave the country?

    this brings up the question that if his economic arguments do not hold any water, what can be the the real agenda behind his rantings? the answer’s in the first paragraph.

    a few days ago, lou dobbs was proudly reading an email from a lady who complained that she could not let her american children play in the neighborhood because of a few “illegal aliens” who had started living around the corner. do you honestly think this lady would change her views if those people got a sheet of paper tomorrow stating that they were “legal”? for that matter, how did that lady know that those people were “illegal”? did she ask for their papers? obviously not! she made her judgement based on their looks, and in my book that makes her a racist, and by association, lou dobbs.

    lou dobbs is amazed at the arrogance of people who march for rights in the very country whose laws they broke to enter. the rest of the world is amazed at the country which has the arrogance to call other human beings “aliens”.

    over the last two weeks, the great american company lucent was quietly sold over to the french company alcatel (“a merger of equals”). lou dobbs did not care to even raise a squeak on this issue, compared to the hue and cry he raised over the ports deal a few days back. why? don’t tell me lucent has nothing to do with national security or american jobs.

    thinking of it, when was the last time before the ports deal that lou dobbs had even mentioned ports as a source of national insecurity on his program? has he ever been to a port?

    lou dobbs appeals to that class of americans (and people at large) who take delight and comfort in blaming others for their own misery. if it’s diseases, blame the immigrants. if it’s gas prices, blame china. if it is bird flu, blame..(they’ll find somebody- i assure you). i have a single word that describes these people- losers.

    in the true spirit of lou dobbs, here a question to that class of people that i have been restless to ask-

    “if you were in danger today of losing your job due to outsourcing, tomorrow of getting a disease due to immigration, and the day after of a terrorist attack, would you rather spend that hour of your day watching lou dobbs complain, or would you rather do something constructive about it such as study, get skills, get medicine or try to understand why people hate you?”

  • Constance says:

    Most Americans don’t have a problem with immigration-legal immigration that is. But when this illegal population starts crossing our porous borders, they bring with them a lot of the criminal element as well as the sick population. Now we’re having an outbreak of mumps and TB thats become news worthy in this country. Something that this nation hasn’t seen in years.

    American tax payers have to provide health care and other social services for these illegals (I’ll wager that costs more then what they earn to work here per person). If the American government had secured the borders back in 1986 with that bogus Reagan bill…this issue would not exist. So now Americans and LEGAL immigrant have to pay the price for that. Lou Dobbs has been preaching about the border/illegal issue for years, this is nothing new. To me this is a no-brainer…secure the borders and have all the illegals to come in through the front door, since their own country doesn’t want them.

  • louann says:

    anyone that thinks lou dobbs is always wrong must not know what is going on in the rest of the world. do they think the politcains have the American’s interest at heart? all they are interested in…getting reelected. at least we, the middle class, have one with the good sense to see what’s going on, and speaking for us. way to go, lou!!!

  • Marc says:

    I have been told that Wikipedia… not Dobbs (on the Web) is looking for one of your people to write a short concise article of all facts (without links) to tell your position opposion Lou Dobbs and why he should be removed. It has been suggested by the editors of Wikipedia that the article was biased toward Lou Dobbs. If you are interested you can place an article there in the “Lou Dobbs” site, under the discussion page. Marc “Wikipedian”

  • Karen says:

    Immigration is squeezing the middle class? What a joke. I see middle class people everywhere hiring illegal immigrants to mow their lawns, clean their houses, and babysit their children.

    This immigration hysteria is being used to distract everyone from high gas prices (now almost $3.00 a gallon), and the increasingly costly war in Iraq. How much of our money is going to Haliburton in no bid contracts? Billions.

    But the real problem is the gardner and the guy picking fruit. Whatever. Only a moron would fall for that BS. Sadly, we have approximately 50 million morons in America.

  • Ryan says:

    Hey i just read the april 5th ny times tom friedman column and although no direct reference is made I’m sure it’s aimed @ Mr. Dobbs. Friedman describes that he’s in favor of more legal immigration and the possitive effects on todays economy. Also in favor of better enforcement. Here’s the swipe at Dobbs: HINT replace CNN with Lou Dobbs 🙂

    “Good fences make good immigration policy. Fences make people more secure and able to think through this issue more calmly. Porous borders empower only anti-immigrant demagogues, like the shameful CNN, which dumbs down the whole debate.”

  • jake says:

    ha.. an anti-dobbs blog, and more than half of the responces are pro-dobbs. and for good reason, the majority of america is struggling the make ends meet.. and the only one who seems concerned with them first is dobbs. i for one would vote dobbs for president were he to consider running.. because he talks calmly, rationally and in the interest of the american people before the corporate dollar. AND i believe his sincerity, which is always suspect when coming from the mouths of a career politician, and never from a republican.

  • Andy says:

    I don’t understand why all of these multi-national companies advertize on Lou Dobbs. They pay him to blab about policies that would destroy their profits, and the wealth of this nation, which ironically would affect Lou’s lower middle class fans the most as they slipped into poverty. If readers of this blog would just call up these drug companies and oil companies and tell them that advertizing on Lou Dobbs makes them look stupid, maybe they would stop.

    For example, one time Lou Dobbs did a special Dobbs Analysis of the growing trade deficit which he calculated was X amount and growing at 20%. He then looked at entire GDP of Y amount which was growing at 4%. He drew a graph with two lines and said if this continues the trade deficit will overtake the entire GDP in 12 years. This just makes no sense economically. Its like comparing apples to squirrels. I am not sure I feel safe investing in a company that would want to be associated with such financial stupidity.

  • Mary Jo says:

    It’s pretty sad that people don’t know Lou Dobbs is the only one that tells it like it is.
    I only wish all the dirty politicians would
    realize we do not need any more people from mexico coming across the border . we already have way to many coming here and getting all the
    benifits like welfare and many many more things
    that some of us can’t get and really need and we are citizens of the u.s Rock on Lou Dobs

  • Ryan says:

    Lou’s “facts” are grossly misrepresented. He is a populist. Reguardless of how easy the thought of the greedy corporate fat cats ripping off americans.

    His “facts” are highly suspect and his rhetoric makes the common patriotic american feel good, his views, (not facts) don’t make good economic sense.

    What should we do with the illigal aliens here send them back? Should we ban outsourcing? Should we institute $25.00 minimum wage? Should we build 60 foot concrete walls all along our borders?

    Sorry folks but countries that are afraid of immigrants, imploy high minimum wages, are afraid of competition and close off borders result in FRANCE. Period. Conconmers benefit from lower prices, and for the long term health of this country depends on competition and global operations, not hanging on to textile or mindless manufactoring jobs. If Dobbs really cared he’d concentrate on getting more people to go to school and make college more affordable. Lets not become france and embrace immigration.

    Also Dobbs keeps telling me the senate’s plan is amnesty, it’s NOT! Dobb’s show is one-sided opinon that’s not based on economic sense or based on facts. Like o’reily’s war on christmas, same thing.

  • Bill says:

    I agree Lou appears to speak for the under respresented middle class, does his homework and presents the facts. Maybe its time for the silent majority to protest nationally with a national sick day, let the greedy and the useless government hear our dissatisfaction with our loud silence.

  • JerryD says:

    It seems to me that Lou sticks to the facts, while his critics resort to cheap name calling and weak comedic insults mocking him. Maybe it’s time for the leaders of corporate America to do some deep thinking and realize that greed is not always good, that greed destroys, and can be counter-productive to long term business interests.

  • Kevin says:

    Lou is on to something here. The middle class is being squeezed from below with a flood of unskilled but eager illegal aliens taking jobs and suppressing real wages. Also the squeeze is from above and in the middle with the hi-tech jobs and managerial opportunities being outsourced to distance shores. This “cheap” labor is in essence creating a underground subclass of workers that operate principally below U.S. regulations and protections. This cheap labor isn’t truly cheap or desirable if you add in the social services, healthcare and educational costs they drive up in any given community – but who thinks macro these days?

  • Steve says:

    If Lou is so vehemently against Columbus Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and non-American flags flying in our country, what about foreign correspondents covering our country? Has John Roberts — a Canadian — reported anything on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” yet (I don’t watch the show)? Will Zain Verjee — another Canadian who is from Kenya with Indian (some of them come to America?!) ethnicity — report about the AMERICAN government on an AMERICAN show on an AMERICAN network when she transfers to Washington, DC?

    Don’t get me wrong, I think very highly of Roberts and Verjee, but according to Lou’s logic, them covering anything AMERICAN for an AMERICAN network is blasphemous.

  • Anthony says:

    Since when was criticising Colombus Day a bad thing? People who make comments like that need to open a history book once in a while…they obviously need some sort of historical enligtenment. It is deplorable that Columbus Day is celebrated as a national holiday. Eh, no big deal…he only decimated the Arawak/Hatian population to ZERO…then when Indian slave labor ran out it reared its head across the Atlantic into Africa, primarily bacause of Columbus and his son And what did he do anyway? He never discovered anything…heck, the Afro-Phonecians and Egyptians were landing in the Americas 2,000 years before Columbus. Columbus just “claimed” everything he saw as his own, in the name of God. Study your history…:)

  • Bill says:

    I must agree cheap labor is only one part of exporting jobs. Companies take advantage of other conditions of developing countries. I must disagree with companies wanting to be nearer to their customers. Example would be the call centers in India, how many people in India use the US tax system? So why is India processing our tax returns? How many Chinese shop at Wal Mart to take advantage of cheap prices?
    In my view a major reason is non-existant regulations to protect labor (OSHA) and environmental compliance requirements. Look at Coke in India and the major impact to drinking water in the area of their plant. The plant is shut down now and drinking water is being trucked in for local residents. Personally I think any US public company who has facilities in other countries should comply with US regulations if the host country has none. That includes child labor.

  • Ryan says:

    In the first quarter of 2006, total viewership for “Lou Dobbs Tonight” was up 24 percent over the same period a year earlier. But even as he revels in new success, hmmm???

    What if this were another issue? What if CNN had a host in the 7 o’clock hour who was passionately opposed to the Bush administration’s Iraq policy and told his viewers as much every night. Would that be appropriate? GOOD QUESTION

    Dobbs is such an idiot, does he honestly believe this crap that comes out of his mouth?? If he does i think he has a mental disorder and a chemical imbalance that destroys common economic sense, makes him a racist anti-immigration nut and causes short-term memory loss (hence why he repeats himself so much)

    He does have a degree in economics from Harvard right? Who taught his classes Pat Buchannon??

  • Ron says:

    Lou is a hundred percent right with regards to the depression of wages in U.S. It’s really appalling for America to preach democracy around the world when we turn a blind eye to poor working conditions by foreign laborers producing goods and services for corporations to expand their bank accounts.