It’s Not Just Cuba….

By April 11, 2006General

The chief blogger points out earlier today in this space that the Cubans are going to drill for oil and natural gas 45 miles off our shores but US law bans US companies from drilling in those waters. I guess the Sierra Club and their friends think that must be better for Fidel to have that natural gas than for Americans to use it to run factories and heat homes. Go figure.

But it is not just the Cubans who are benefiting with the US ostrich posture on energy. So are the Canadians! A while back, the state of Ohio banned drilling in Lake Erie. Of course, the US owns only half of Lake Erie so the Ohio law doesn’t preclude our Canadian friends from just pulling that same gas out of the lake and using it north of the border. Modern drilling technology allows for that kind of thing. It’s truly amazing to see industrial states like Ohio curtailing the fuel that drives so much of their industry. Do these states really want to drive their manufacturing base (and ours!) off shore?

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  • tommy fuller says:

    the modern day environmental movement is loaded with communists when Castro drills for oil. they will argue that is to pay for health care in Cuba and that’s OK! of course Castro’s folks wont be any where near as sensitive to the ocean floor as we would be! and one thing that the greens in this nation never let on in the Alaska ANWR story is native Alaskans get free medical care from the oil revenues! you just can’t satisfy these commie bastards can you!