Immigration: The WaPo Blames GOP on Front Page, Dems on the Back Page

By April 8, 2006General

More schizophrenia from our friends over at the WaPo. Today’s topic is the collapse of the fragile compromise in the Senate on immigration. The front page of the WaPo above the fold, an article by Chuck Babington, says: “Immigration Deal Fails in Senate“. The subtitle is, “Conservatives’ Amendments Cost Democratic Support”. Well, OK, then, at least we know where the blame lies — it’s with those darned conservatives. They killed the bill, right?

Well, not exactly. If you make it all the way to page 22, the editorial writers have a different — and, in truth, more accurate — spin. The title of the editorial: “Immigration ‘Nirvana’ Lost“, subtitled, “Thanks largely to Democrats, the Senate misses an opportunity.”

So which is it? Well, the non-partisan National Journal in yesterday’s Congress Daily PM a piece by Emily Heil, quotes Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) as disagreeing with his Leader, Harry Reid (D-NV), saying essentially that Reid should have let the bill go forward. Kennedy isn’t usually seen as a non-partisan voice, but in this case, he was part of a carefully-crafted bill worked out with Sen. McCain (R-AZ) and a bunch of Senators on both sides of the aisle. The Post editorial quotes National Immigration Forum head Frank Sharry as saying, “It seems that Democratic leaders wanted an issue, not a bill.”

So regardless of where you stand on this issue, it’s interesting to see the partisanship of the WaPo play out. Unfortunately, for those who only see the front page, they’ll get a typically biased view of who scuttled this bill. Those with the fortitude to wander to the editorials will at least get a glimpse of the truth.

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  • gringoman says:

    New cartoon, “Globalismo Foxybush.”

  • G. Chell says:

    Sen Reid should openly declare that unless the WH comes out against the House Bill he would not support any compromise and that there would be no immigration legislation this year. The WH needs to go on record opposing the House Bill. They cannot have it both ways.


    It is ridiculous to blame the Democrats for the stalled Senate bill. Better check the facts. It may be politics as usual again, but as usual, it is the Republicans and not the Democrats who are playing politics with peoples lives, again.

    It is the Republicans who want to add bad amendments to the Senate bill, not the Democrats. The Democrats are correct to stop that from happening, so don’t blame them because the bill is not moving forward, blame the Republicans.

    The Republicans want to demonize another group of people so they can gain more votes in November’s elections. That is what the overly restrictive House bill is all about. If the House bill were to pass, our country would immediately fall into a deep recession. Never mind the untold misery it would cause millions of familys that would be torn apart and ruined financially in the process.

    The Republicans control Washington, not the Democrats. Why is it after all this time since the 9/11 tragedy our borders are still open for anyone to simply walk across? This safety problem must be solved first, otherwise no immigration bill is going to prevent another flood of undocumented immigrants from coming across the borders.

    Get to work Republicans in Congress, and stop blaming Democrats for your incompetence and your corruption. Start representing your constituants and start passing bills for their benefits, instead of for the lobbyists.