Immigration: ‘Jobs Americans Won’t Do’

By April 7, 2006General

“The good news”, said Jay Leno on his show one night last week, ” is Congress is cracking down on illegal immigration. The bad news,” he continued, “a head of lettuce will now cost $300.”

Jobs pay what the market will bear. Our members, our manufacturers have trouble filling jobs every day with skilled workers. These are immutable truths, even if some folks don’t find them convenient. Here’s the Wall Street Journal lead editorial entitled, “Jobs Americans Won’t Do“, eerily consonant with the Washington Post editorial of a few days ago on “Immigration and Wages“.

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  • John Graham says:

    There are no jobs Americans won’t do. It is to the embarrassment of the Bush administration it has so compromised national security in the unterest of bolstering the selfish, and grossly unimaginative Mexican aristocracy. Take a look at the socialist roots of 20th century Mexico and you’ll see why there’s no decent work there. My wife and I are SO sorry we voted for Bush et al.