Global Warming: US News Joins the Fray

By April 16, 2006Global Warming

Indeed there is no rest for the weary blogger. Yesterday, the blogger-in-chief was getting a haircut, grabbed a magazine, only to find it was US News, with a screaming headline on — you guessed it — global warming. In the first paragraph thy cite the Union of Concerned Scientists, which — as you can see below — is none of the three. The article by Bret Schulte goes on to say, “the Bush administration and the U.S. Senate have refused to join almost 160 nations in signing the Kyoto Protocol.” However, it was actually the Clinton Administration when this came up in the Senate and it squeaked through the US Senate — which can find ways to disagree on everything — by a vote of 98-0.

In any event, it goes on from there like so much blather. Not much space is given to the opposing view, of course, just more piling on. After all, it is a feeding frenzy. They were probably more upset by the fact that they were the last ones on the dog pile.

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  • Pat Cleary says:


    You’re right — my point was that this all played out during the Clinton Administration, not the Bush Administration. And yes, if the Clinton Administration had wanted it to turn out differently, they might have tried to peel off a few votes, considering VP Gore was ostensibly committed and was a Senate veteran.

    Thanks for writing,

    Pat Cleary

  • Bruce Richardson says:

    Pat, the vote in the Senate was on the Byrd-Hagel Resolution calling on the President not to sign any agreement that didn’t also apply to developing countries or any agreement that would result in serious harm to the U. S. economy. The vote was 95-0 in favor of the resolution. No Senator was willing to go on record as supporting something like Kyoto. The Clinton Administration never submitted Kyoto to the Senate for consideration. I’m sure that they knew what the result would be in the Senate. Also, even if it passed, Senators who supported it would pay a huge political price for the economic problems that Kyoto would have caused if implemented.

    Kyoto was short on common sense and long on “progressive” ideology. Actually Kyoto could have increased the global production of carbon dioxide as an unintended consequence. But Kyoto was more of a means to an end that had little to do with climate.

    I think that it is just amazing that there are still folks who think that the U.S. should join the Kyoto debacle.