Global Warming: The WaPo Doesn’t Read the WaPo

By April 15, 2006Global Warming

More hysteria on global warming from the WaPo today, served up this time by Marc Kaufman. This one is truly heart-rending, a story of baby walruses adrift from their mommies, even posted on the front page of the Post website. Comes complete with photos that look like they’re from the San Diego Zoo. Crikey, where’s the hanky? However, back in the letters is one from Jeff Kueter, President of the non-partisan George C. Marshall Institute. In it he carps — rightly — about a bit of shameless and typically unbalanced global warming propaganda in the Kids Page a week ago, noting that “Arctic temperatures were as high or higher in the 30’s and 40’s as they are today. What caused the temperatures to rise then?”, he asks, “Because it certainly was not human activity.”

In any event, lots of folks who were hysterical about global cooling a few short decades ago are now hysterical about global warming. No one yet knows whether the causes are man-made, whether it’s really bad after all, or what can be done about it. In short, Mr. Kueter is right.

Maybe the WaPo should read the WaPo before they rush to get the baby walrus story to the presses.

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  • Mike Malloy says:

    Pat Cleary’s above comments are a good example of the ignorance that causes global warming to be an increasing problem today. Who gave this idiot a microphone?