Global Warming: NASA Memo Illuminates the Debate

By April 18, 2006Global Warming

We’ve discussed in this space before NASA scientist James Hansen, who’s been on every network and in every major publication carping that he’s being gagged by the White House from talking about global warming. As we’ve said, it’s more like a megaphone than a muzzle. After about his tenth in-depth interview — and his appearance at a Kerry campaign rally — the claim of censorship started to ring a little hollow.

In any event, the Cybercast News Service has an internal NASA memo concerning Hansen and his variation from the NASA song sheet. Apparently, Dr. Hansen got out a little ahead of his colleagues on this topic. It makes for interesting reading along with the accompanying story featuring comments from a young former co-worker of Hansen’s.

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  • Roger Coppock says:

    The memo was written by Mr. Deutsch, a college drop-out and
    political appointee, who was fired from NASA for falsly claiming a college degree.

    The memo is incorrect when it claims that NASA had not declared that 2005 was the hottest year on record.

  • John says:

    Pat, by attacking the messenger, you folks are going in the wrong direction and missing a real opportunity. If NAM is striving for a leadership role in industry, how about getting in front? Walmart’s Lee Scott, GE’s Jeff Immelt, and BP’s John Browne see business opportunities in going green, as well has have a positive impact on climate change. Power companies like AES Corp are investing millions, if not billions, on clean technologies.

    As a consumer, I will buy from Walmart and Home Depot because, amongst other things, they are going green. I will pay extra for gasoline from BP because I know that they are investing in alternatives. I will pay extra for electricity that comes from green sources rather than save a few dollars by buying electricity made from dirty coal. As an investor, I’ll put my money in companies that are investing in creating green technologies or who take climate change seriously. I do that because I believe that 1) those companies are investing in my children’s future and 2) they look for opportunities in the changes, which will translate to a good return as green momentum increases.

    You can be part of the problem or part of the solution. Walmart, GE, Home Depot, BP and AES are companies that opt for the latter. Where are you?

  • cinz says:

    Hi Pat,

    Am I pleased that you don’t believe all the sources and characters you post up here.


  • Clear Eye Pat says:

    Which debate does the NASA memo illuminate? The one over whether government agencies should tell the truth or continuing to lie to the public?
    As for the news article you referenced, it is amusing that it cites Deutsch as saying “Hansen has a tendency to exagerate” when Deutsch was fired or forced to resign for having “exagerated” his own academic qualifications.
    Young former co-worker is a polite phrase to use to describe someone who was a politically appointed censor.

  • Chaim Scheff says:

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