Global Warming: A Thing of the Past?

By April 12, 2006Global Warming

Not sure how many of you caught this piece that made the rounds this week — from the UK’s Telegraph entitled, “There IS a Problem With Global Warming ….It Stopped in 1998.” It was written by Professor Bob Carter, a geologist from Queensland, a paleoclimate researcher. This means that he’s interested in more than a sound bite-sized snapshot, and instead looks at the earth in terms of its approximate 4.5 billion year life span. He notes that, “for the years 1998-2005 global average temperature did not increase.” In response to this fairly shocking fact, he adds:

“In response to these facts, a global warming devotee will chuckle and say ‘how silly to judge climate change over such a short period’. Yet in the next breath, the same person will assure you that the 28-year-long period of warming which occurred between 1970 and 1998 constitutes a dangerous (and man-made) warming. Tosh. Our devotee will also pass by the curious additional facts that a period of similar warming occurred between 1918 and 1940, well prior to the greatest phase of world industrialisation, and that cooling occurred between 1940 and 1965, at precisely the time that human emissions were increasing at their greatest rate.”

He goes on to puncture myth after myth of global warming. Wonder why this didn’t make the mainstream media? Why wasn’t Time magazine crowing about this? Problem is, they can’t seem to fit it in amidst all their global warming hysteria. As we like to say, hate to ruin a good buzz…..

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  • Angela says:

    All these excerpts of “information” negate the fact that as cognitive beings it is our responsibly to act in environmentally friendly ways in all aspects of life. This is for the well being of our future generations as well as other creatures which deserve to live in a healthy environment. Apathetic attitudes are undeserving of the planet we are blessed to live on.

  • Russ George says:


    While Global Warming will become a great threat please consider a more immediate crisis of rising and high CO2 in the context of this blue planet we call Earth. Over 70% of this planet is ocean and since CO2 readily dissolves in water the CO2 in our air is destined to end up our oceans. Why is this the most critical and immediate real and present danger? It’s a simple and scary explanation. We all enjoy the tangy slightly acidic taste of CO2 dissolved in water whether it be trendy mineral water or a soft drink. It is dissolved CO2 in water makes that water acidic. While this is good for drinks in the oceans this produces an epoch crisis.

    Eighty percent of all life on this blue planet lives in the oceans and most of that life is delicately balanced around the solubility of minerals principally calcium and silica. Today the acidity of the ocean has become 10% more acidic in the last few decades. This acidity is making calcium and silica carbonates much more soluble and as a result the organisms that rely on those carbonates are literally dissolving.

    The consequence is that of the life in the oceans which comprises 80% of life on Earth of which half are plants like diatoms that require low acidity. Those plants are doomed. The acidification of the oceans is already at dangerous levels and by the end of this century, by 2050 according to some experts, a majority of plant life in the ocean faces extinction. The most famous ocean scientist Henry Bryant Bigelow was once quoted as saying “All fish is diatoms (the most threatened of the ocean plants).” Like Walt Whitman’s observation “All beef is grass” this is a true statement and as go our diatoms so go our fish and all life that feed upon those fish.

    There is a solution to this impending disaster, one which was proposed 17 years ago by another giant of ocean science, the late John Martin of California. Martin found that the ocean plants could be enormously stimulated by providing, indeed restoring, iron micronutrients to the oceans in tiny amounts. For over ten years I have worked on this concept and now my company, Planktos (, is following in Martin’s footsteps and working to restore now depleted ocean iron micronutrients and in doing so stimulate restored ocean productivity. We think the ocean plant life we restore might take as much as half of all the anthropogenic CO2 out of the air and ocean and convert it to stable non-acidic ocean plant biomass. This biomass will sink in large part to the ocean abyss where it will safely be sequestered for millennia thus reducing CO2 in air and water, buffering ocean acidity, and buying diatoms and fish and all other life that depends on a healthy ocean time while the world works to stop the madness that is the unabated burning of fossil fuels.

    Russ George – President

  • A says:

    Gee, you sure discredited climate change theory with your poorly organized aggregation of non-sequiter excerpts and and your enlightened, insightful commentary.

    If you’re inclined to believe Carter’s contentions, take a mosey on over to before you take it hook, line and sinker.

  • Paul Merrifield says:

    My observations of the cultural phenomenon associated with Global Warming may be a little unappetizing for some but give it a try. I?ve read your observations so be a sport and try and get through as much as you can?

    Kyoto Is A Solution In Search Of A Problem

    Why is Canada spending almost as much on new icebreaking ships for it?s “melting” arctic as it is spending on Kyoto?

    Canada?s Polar Bears were indigenous to as far south as Minnesota USA 300 years ago. (called Yellow Bears due to the summer coats they retained longer but still the same bear) and others.

    The Union of Concerned Scientists is comprised almost entirely of concerned citizens, not scientists at all. They took my money with no questions asked besides; ?Will that be credit card or check??

    Thousands of global warming protestors marched in Montreal Canada last December and seven of them required treatment for frostbite injuries.

    Are all glaciers really melting? All 167 thousand of them?

    Why is there not a shortage of global oxygen if excess CO2 is caused by human combustion that uses oxygen?

    Opening carbonated beverages and exhaling are factors contributing to the melting of the icecaps?

    It can?t be too late to stop global warming because we should be able to stop something we started shouldn?t we?

    Why does Toronto Canada annually have twice as many cold weather alert days as smog advisory alert days?

    2008 will mark the twentieth anniversary of the UN?s global warming THEORY. At their predicted rates of warming we should after 20 years of climate change, drowning in boiling oceans by now?

    It would be hard to avoid the conclusion that we are a society comprised almost entirely of battered wife?s, drunk drivers, molested children, humiliated ethnic groups, exploited workers and other groups despised for their sexual preferences or cultural attributes, all festering in a spoiling environment. The reporters, editors and headline writers do not have a clue about ?global warming? except that it scares the hell out of readers and sells newspapers and or other types of media. Keep in mind that we have reached the point where human induced global warming is proving to be absolutely impossible because the theory insists that CO2 and Methane (comes out of your mouth and your anus), not pollution is the cause. Media suggests that it is a pollution issue despite the under reported fact that our pollution controls have resulted in our atmosphere being cleaner now than in the 1960?s as the atmospheric community, not the media affirm. Those in the scientific community that do endorse human induced global warming are the same benefactors as those in the media, social activism and politics that are all competing for the same audience and money.

    ?There are ominous signs that the Earth?s weather patterns have begun to change dramatically and that these changes may portend a drastic decline in food production? with serious political implications for just about every nation on Earth.?

    Newsweek Magazine, April 28, 1975 an article about the ?Coming Ice Age?.
    Canada?s American neighbors to the south saw snowmobile sales increase by 13% in 2003.

    A new record of 57.6 million skier visits to resorts was set in the 2002-2003 season in the United States.

    Reduced air pollution adding to man-made global warming.
    By Richard Black
    Environment Correspondent, BBC News website, in Vienna

    Record Breaking Low Temperatures Sweep US, Canada
    ‘Deep freeze sweeps US’
    The Sunday Mail, January 18,2004

    Science Magazine (Dec. 10th 1976) warned of “extensive Northern Hemisphere glaciation.” Science Digest (February 1973) reported that “the world’s climatologists are agreed” that we must “prepare for the next ice age.” The Christian Science Monitor (“Warning: Earth’s Climate is Changing Faster Than Even Experts Expect,” Aug. 27, 1974) reported that glaciers “have begun to advance,” “growing seasons in England and Scandinavia are getting shorter” and “the North Atlantic is cooling down about as fast as an ocean can cool.” Newsweek agreed (“The Cooling World,” April 28, 1975) that meteorologists “are almost unanimous” that catastrophic famines might result from the global cooling that the New York Times (Sept. 14, 1975) said “may mark the return to another ice age.” The Times (May 21, 1975) also said “a major cooling of the climate is widely considered inevitable” now that it is “well established” that the Northern Hemisphere’s climate “has been getting cooler since about 1976.

    The Energy Information Administration estimates that United States energy consumption for home heating will increase by 34 percent between 2004 and 2030.

    The Niagara grape growers in Canada received compensation for winter storm damage to their vines in the harsh winters of 2002 and 2003.

    Canada?s Inuit are seeking compensation from the Canadian government for increased skin cancers due to the depleted ozone over the north. Chaching$$$$$$$$ Show me da money!

    CO2 (required by plant life) and Methane are two naturally occurring chemicals that exit our bodies from one of two orifices.

    Climate, the scientists tell us, is very complicated and little understood. So why the certainty about this elaborate theory of global warming?

    Criminologists embarrassingly have no idea why the earth?s climate cycles in patterns of cold and warm over countless millennia.

    If global warming WAS true, why the hard sell? The global warmers behave like it?s the last quota sale day of the month. Proving ounce again that the issue is not climate at all, it is culture.

    Global warming as a cultural issue sets new limits of extreme in social anomalies, otherwise known as urban myths. This however is the granddaddy of all urban myths, for we have absolutely nothing to compare it to both in absurdity and intensity. It wins on both counts.

    Our climate MUST be resilient if it recovers from atmospheric devastations such as large volcanic eruptions. Our atmosphere isn?t like an enclosed fish tank that accumulates algae. Wouldn?t it make sense that our climate filters itself then? It does and we just don?t understand it yet. How dare Mother Nature provide something we don?t understand!

    Consensus is not conclusiveness.

    Independent opinions are from those without a direct financial connection to the science and or media industries.

    The Internet is not a laboratory.

    Political boardrooms are really commodity floors where votes are bought and sold.

    Anyone can make credible data for public consumption simply by pushing the enter key enough times.

    Global Warming and Climate Change are purely dogmatic rhetorical terms that redefine weather. Weather changes but they would have us believe that all changes in weather are somehow permanent due to human activity and not the moon, the sun, gravity or the unknown. We express the unknown in terms of global warming.

    The movie ?The Day After Tomorrow? about a climate going ?cold? due to the effects of global warming, is used by both sides of the debate to justify their opinions.

    How many people would be willing to sign their names to a global warming prognostication and place it in a time capsule to be opened in say, 20 years, 40 years? Are these people willing to look like fools after this silly belief is once and for all put to rest?

    Try the GlobalWarmer vs. the Denier test: Think back to when weather was normal, and if it resembles in your mind anything like the inside of a shopping mall, you are hopelessly converted and you may as go back to having one of your ?Activist/Liberal? nervous breakdowns.

    Global warming may or not be caused by trans-fatty acids, weed killer, gingivitis, red wine, oatmeal and or vitamin E.

    Global warming started with the first cave man passing wind.

    Just remember that when someone uses the term Climate Change instead of Global Warming, it means they are starting to figure out they got scammed but are not ready to admit it yet.

    Since 1980 we’ve also experienced 28 of the 29 most powerful solar flares ever recorded. This just 400 years after a lack of solar flares, which just happened to coincide with the “Maunder Minimum”, otherwise known as the Little Ice Age. In science, that’s known as a pattern.

    1970?s Global Cooling
    1990?s Global Warming
    2000?s Global Change
    2010?s Global Weather

    Global Warming causes hotter weather. Climate Change causes colder weather.

    Polar bears that are stressed and depressed from global warming are now called bi-polar bears.

    Maybe America?s Al Gore and Canada?s Doctor David Suzuki should start a chain of tropical resorts in Canada?s melting arctic regions?

    If global warming increases storms and therefore wind, couldn?t we tap that energy for wind power generation and live like perfect little green elves for ever and ever?


    Global warming is 20 years old. Introduced to the UN in 1988, it declared to the world that the earth had been warming for several years. Twenty years later we are still watching the Winter Olympics, paying the kid next door to shovel the snow, enjoying a crisp sunny winter day, flying south to get warm, driving in snow storms, enjoying the changing seasons and paying heating bills etc. etc etc.. Twenty years worth of global warming would have us sitting around by now, reminiscing about the old days when we used to have some cool weather, not just cooler weather. Our lives have not changed. The effects of twenty years of global warming should look far more dramatic than the normal unpredictable weather patterns that we see now. Perpetuating this mass insanity, is the media. The politicians (Kyoto), scientists, and religious-like environmentalists feed off this mutually beneficial source of empowerment while bewildered citizens are numbed with a now growing cynical fear. Only when our frustratingly misunderstood climate is perfect, like the inside of a shopping mall, will this cultural anomaly fade away. It?s safe to say that Santa Clause will not be drowning after all. Hey, we eventually stopped burning witches and sacrificing virgins didn?t we?

    The Global Warming Chain Reaction: (only in theory of course)

    Scientists To quote Canada?s Doctor David Nutzuki: ?I feel mother earth. I hear mother earth. She is calling me. She is calling for help. She is saying Help Me!? And this, from a scientist. Anyone can join the Union of Concerned Scientists and be a voting member and reflect the ?majority of scientists endorse the global warming theory ? figures. They accepted yours truly as a member without any questions, other than will that be check or credit card and I?m only a tradesperson. And besides, politics permeates everything and years of university will teach even genuine scientists, honest or otherwise to play the game. Education unfortunately does not translate always into sainthood. It is human nature to rationalize deception for personal gain. What makes it easier for even the real scientist is that the public thinks all of their associates believe the theory as well but the media are not interested in those other opinions at this point. Think of it this way; the term ?Global Temperature? as absurd and impractical as it is, didn?t even exist until the theory of global warming necessitated it. Eventually it will all come out in the wash and that is when fun starts; watching the rats jump ship and supporters becoming deniers. Support of the global warming issue from some in the science community is not a conspiracy. It is stupidity, politics, dishonesty and greed.

    Politicians endorse it because it?s an easy way for them to go through the motions of it looking like they have your best interests in mind.

    The media endorses it because they are in the business of selling, not telling. Have you ever known commercial or worse, alternative media to accentuate the negative? They make a living off it. They have crisised and sensitized us with fear to where we can?t even enjoy a pleasant summer day without feeling some caution and guilt. While we still cannot understand climate, we now have more elaborate ways of observing it via the lazy and mediocre media but still are no closer to comprehending weather and climate at all. We are told of the dangers from: UV rays, dry spells described as droughts, smog advisories based on unattainable goals according newly adjusted scales, standards and tolerances. Remember Ozone and Acid Rain? Early explorers described the ?fog? of Los Angeles California but none of it will be tolerated now. Killer Bees, West Nile Virus, save the native tree campaigns, predictions of frog extinctions, the list goes on. Fear the unknown.

    Educators endorse it because it is safe and intellectually trendy, just plain fun and most of all, easier to teach than falling off a horse. The Sierra Club and the other groups supply schools with so-called ?educational packages? to ?inform? the delicate minds of the young. Fortunately this will ultimately back fire on the global warmers as newer generations doubt, challenge and question as every generation does. We will be looked back upon with humor, perhaps similar to disco. What comes to mind are those old black and white pictures of the teacher in the puffed up dress and winged glasses putting the class through an atomic bomb safety drill with the kids sticking their heads under the desks. In the future they will look back upon our generation of pierced, tattooed, baggy panted amusement ride operator look-alikes and see what sheep minded twerps we were. Count me out of this picture. Are you in or out?

    Activists endorse it because it serves as an opportunity for promoting what they view as essential social issues. Smart move, so give them credit!

    All Environmental Issues Have Become Faith-based; with nature being heaven, corporations being sinners, predictions of doom being the judgment day, Rachel Carson and Canada?s David Suzuki as the holy prophets and earth day as the holy day. Just like religion, environmentalism has lots of gullible followers who will easily give up their money.

    Joe Public is bewildered and bombarded with Global Warming fears and has surrendered to the dogma.

    Biological Spring This is so stupid I didn?t know where to put. It?s the latest in the dogma filtering through the media as we speak, like a case of bothulism at a family reunion. We are so full of ourselves that we think that we have somehow changed the earth to the point where nothing is natural, even spring for god?s sake. This is the same society that thinks naturally grown organic food is well, organic, even thought they claim the air is polluted. So how can you have organic anything growing in so-called polluted un-organic air?

    A Response From The EPA:
    Thank you for visiting EPA’s Global Warming Site.

    We appreciate your feedback and are committed to keeping an open-mind as
    we can continue studying this issue.

    There have never been predictions (from scientists) for the end of
    winter. Predictions have called for a gradual
    warming — ranging from ~2 to 10 degrees F over the next 100 years. The
    observed warming rate of the last 20 years has been about .3
    degrees/decade or 3 degrees per century — a bit above the low end of
    that forecasted range (but well within it). The warming rate could
    increase or decrease in the future, depending on a number of complex
    factors (e.g. rate of future emissions growth, environmental policies,

    The bottom line is that the effects of warming may not be that apparent
    over the period of a decade or two, but should become increasingly
    obvious over longer periods. The noticeable changes will likely be
    observations that the REALLY cold winters don’t occur as frequently not
    that there won’t, on occasion, be cold winters.

    Jason Samenow

    Jason Samenow
    Climate Analyst
    U.S. EPA Office of Atmospheric
    Climate Change Division

  • John Seebeth says:

    Explanation is quite simple. The years 1997-98 were unseasonably warm due to a very strong el nino. This record temperture held until 2005, at which time a new record high temperture was established. Whats troubling is that during 2005, el nino was NOT a factor as during 1997-98, rising the spector that during the next el nino, tempertures will climb and set even a newer record*********************

    1997 hottest year on record
    January 8, 1998
    WASHINGTON (CNN) — 1997 was the hottest year on record, and scientists predict the Earth’s warming trend will continue, officials with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said on Thursday.
    2005 Warmest Year in Over a Century
    The year 2005 was the warmest year in over a century, according to NASA scientists studying temperature data from around the world.

    Image to right: 2005 was the warmest year since the late 1800s, according to NASA scientists. 1998, 2002 and 2003 and 2004 followed as the next four warmest years. Credit: NASA

    Climatologists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York City noted that the highest global annual average surface temperature in more than a century was recorded in their analysis for the 2005 calendar year.

    Some other research groups that study climate change rank 2005 as the second warmest year, based on comparisons through November. The primary difference among the analyses, according to the NASA scientists, is the inclusion of the Arctic in the NASA analysis. Although there are few weather stations in the Arctic, the available data indicate that 2005 was unusually warm in the Arctic.

    In order to figure out whether the Earth is cooling or warming, the scientists use temperature data from weather stations on land, satellite measurements of sea surface temperature since 1982, and data from ships for earlier years.

    Image to left: This colorful global map of 2005 average temperatures shows areas that have warmed the most in red, to the areas that have cooled (in blue). Note that the Arctic has warmed significantly. These temperatures are from Dec. 2004 through Nov. 2005. Credit: NASA

    Previously, the warmest year of the century was 1998, when a strong El Nino, a warm water event in the eastern Pacific Ocean, added warmth to global temperatures. However, what’s significant, regardless of whether 2005 is first or second warmest, is that global warmth has returned to about the level of 1998 without the help of an El Nino.

    The result indicates that a strong underlying warming trend is continuing. Global warming since the middle 1970s is now about 0.6 degrees Celsius (C) or about 1 degree Fahrenheit (F). Total warming in the past century is about 0.8� C or about 1.4� F.

    “The five warmest years over the last century occurred in the last eight years,” said James Hansen, director of NASA GISS. They stack up as follows: the warmest was 2005, then 1998, 2002, 2003 and 2004.

    Image/animation to right: The animation to the right shows a basic demonstration of the increase in annual mean temperature in ten year increments from 1891 through 1996. Warmest temperatures are in red. Click on image to view animation. Credit: NASA/GISS

    Over the past 30 years, the Earth has warmed by 0.6� C or 1.08� F. Over the past 100 years, it has warmed by 0.8� C or 1.44� F.

    Current warmth seems to be occurring nearly everywhere at the same time and is largest at high latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere. Over the last 50 years, the largest annual and seasonal warmings have occurred in Alaska, Siberia and the Antarctic Peninsula. Most ocean areas have warmed. Because these areas are remote and far away from major cities, it is clear to climatologists that the warming is not due to the influence of pollution from urban areas.

  • C Sparre says:

    Perhaps Time Magazine did a bit of digging on Robert Carter and decided his findings were out on a limb.

    Real climate has a section devoted to his calculations which they show are distorted by ‘cherry picking’.
    They refer to Prof. Carter as an “Australian climate ‘contrarian'”.

    I remember the local media here (The Sydney Morning Herald) dug him out when Ian Flannery’s book was creating a bit of heat in September 06.

    I’ve been following this (serious) game for a while now. Do a bit of searching on any skeptic and you will find a debunking posted somewhere. After a while, the same names (of skeptics) keep coming up.