Gas Prices: Sen. Durbin on ‘Meet the Press’

By April 30, 2006Energy

Meet the Press” on Sunday had a panel on global warming, featuring Energy Secretary Sam Bodman, American Petroleum Institute President Red Caveny, Dan Yergin, Jim Cramer and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL). All panelists except Sen. Durbin pretty much drove home the point that this is a game of supply and demand. At one point there was this exchange between host Tim Russert and Sen. Durbin:

MR. RUSSERT: Senator, in order to continue this drive you’re concerned about global warming, you’re concerned about oil and carbon gases and things, would you be willing to expand nuclear power in the U.S.?

SEN. DURBIN: I have trouble with that because I–we still have not resolved what we’re going to do with the waste from these nuclear power plants. I just went to Braidwood Nuclear Facility outside of Chicago. Still serious problems with environmental issues that threaten the village of Godley, Illinois, directly in the, in the shadow of this plant.

MR. RUSSERT: So you would take oil and coal over nuclear?

SEN. DURBIN: Well, at this point, I think that we have to see other alternatives. There are sustainable and renewable sources as well. You know, I drive a hybrid car at home. My wife and I, we bought a Ford Escape hybrid. I think it’s a move in the right direction. We need to promote more hybrid vehicles, more electrical-powered vehicles. We need to move away from this carbon consumption that could endanger this planet we live on. I think it’s sustainable and renewable fuels. Also looking for more efficient ways to use the vehicles we have today.

So in other words, he’s not in favor of nuclear, not in favor of oil and coal. But no matter — he’s been leading the charge against high oil prices. Sen. Durbin, of course, is a trial lawyer by training. One reason why we need more business people in the Congress. At least they understand the law of supply and demand.

Here’s a link to the full transcript and here’s a link to the video.

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  • Whitehall says:

    Funny that NBC, as a unit of General Electric, is the one division of that company that completely ignores their vaulted “Six Sigma” initiatives.

    Can anyone claim that NBC, or any other MSM for that matter, achieve even 99% accuracy? Do they even try?

  • Rosemary Johnson says:

    I appreciate Mr. Durbin’s analytical mind and his honesty. It is so refreshing to hear an elected official speak honestly, an official who sees an obligation to face hard issues and bring these issues to the public’s attention. Congratulations Mr. Russet in having the courage to invite guests who wrestle honestly with difficult issues and are open to entertaining constructive conversation as we move to create environmentally sustainable solutions. Let’s consider Mr. Durbin for president.

  • mark kellner says:

    tim russert, how could you let lil’ dick durbin pander like that.that is YOUR show.YOUR air.what an embarassment for NBC.that show,i thought,was about a serious talk on why petro is priced the way it hosted 4 capitalist and one socialist.DD knows better than the bull#@$* he was regurgetating.and you let him.Neil Cavuto,on some other show,made him look the pandering fool he is.please challange these guys. DD ruined a otherwise good talk on world