Friday Follies: Toyota Ad

By April 21, 2006Friday Follies

fridayfollies.jpgThe Blogger-in-Chief is on Spring Break this week, so he asked his humble apprentice to fill in for this week’s Friday Follies.

Rather than try to find our own, we luckily were able to pick one out from our library of content in storage…As I was looking through some possibilities, it occurred to me: where on earth does the Blogger-in-Chief find this stuff week after week? And. how on earth have you been able to put up with him all these many Fridays?

In any event, seeing as though we are a manufacturers blog, this week, we found a funny ad for the Toyota RAV4 where a husband and wife have to battle it out to be the first driver in the morning.

After you watch this video, you might get a glimpse of what life at work is like for the Blogger-in-Chief and his Apprentice…only instead of fighting over the car, we’re fighting over the right to blog…usually, I just left him win.

Happy Friday and enjoy the video! Click here to watch it.