Friday Follies: Ben Bernanke and What Economists Find Hilarious

By April 28, 2006Friday Follies

fridayfollies.jpgThanks to Nell Henderson of the WaPo for alerting us to this video in a story in yesterday’s Business section.

As most of you (OK, some of you) know, Ben Bernanke is the new Alan Greenspan, the new Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Rumor had it that former White House economic adviser Glenn Hubbard was also in the hunt for the job, but ultimately was not selected. Hubbard is currently the dean of Columbia’s Business School.

Well, those zany B-school types got together and did a music video spoof of a faux Hubbard singing to the tune of the Police’s “Every breath You Take”, capturing his envy of Bernanke for being chosen over him. Here’s one stanza:

“First you move your lips
And hike a few more BiPS.
When demand then dips
And the yield curve flips,
I’ll be watching you.”

This apparently is the kind of stuff that sends economists and B-school students into hysteria, reaching for their Depends. Go figure.

So here’s the link to this wacky video of one economist singing a parody about another. And while you’re at it, here’s the link to Columbia B-School “Follies” Page which includes some other very funny clips, including a “Brokeback Mountain” send-up set in the world of Wall Street.