France Fights to Remain Less Competitive

By April 2, 2006General

It really is amazing watching all of this unfold in France over a change in the law that will allow people under the age of 26 to be essentially employed at will for the first two years of their work life. Prime Minister Chirac has offered to shorten the period to a year and to require that discharged employees be given a reason for their termination, but the opposition is having none of it. Do they really think employers hire people just to fire them for no reason? Maybe in France, but not here.

In any event, France struggles to remain competitive in spite of some very restrictive employment laws. This only makes it worse. At last count, they were ranked a pathetic 30th in the world in competitiveness. At least they were ahead of Slovenia, at 32. Thank God they have cheap energy, due to the fact that they get 80% of their power from nuclear plants. At least the lights will burn bright while they protest a law that actually might make them more competitive.