Cool Stuff Being Made: How the BMW Z-4 Is Made

bmw.jpgJames Bond, eat your heart out. Today we’re really pleased to feature a video on how the BMW Z-4 is made. This video comes, once again, from the fine folks at South Carolina ETV. As we mentioned in a previous clue, this is the car company of choice for James Bond…so its gotta be cool!

In this 15 minute video tour of Plant 10 in South Carolina we learn about how around 225 parts from various suppliers come together in three major assembly stages: the motor compartment, underbody and frame body. In the video you’ll notice how many robots are used to do what humans once did. Today, much of car manufacturing is automated which is why its so important to have skilled workers who can operate and program these robots.

Along the way in this plant tour we also watch how the doors, hood, trunk lid and closure panels are added. We then see how the Z-4 is immersed into a 55,000 (yes, thousand!) gallon tank of phosphate paint, known as the ecoat. Then we watch how the sealer deck, primer and final coat is added then readied for inspection.

Finally, we see how the brake lines, fuel lines, wiring harness (otherwise known as the “brains” of the car) are added followed by the power train and then readied for fluid filling.

This video provides an in-depth look at what is an amazing process. Click here to watch it.

Happy Saturday.

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