Cool Stuff Being Made: How Paper Is Made

By April 15, 2006Cool Stuff Being Made

paper.jpgThanks again to our friends at South Carolina Educational TV (SCETV), we have yet another great video of cool stuff being made. This week, that staple of everyday living, paper. Years ago, with the advances in electronic communications and commerce, the futurists all predicted that we would soon be in a “paper-less” society. Yet here we are in 2006, using a s much paper as ever.

Way back when, the blogger-in-chief went through a paper plant when he was just a boy, and it really left an impression. It was really cool to see logs come in one end of the plant and rolls of paper go out the other end. Paper really is made out of wood after all. It’s one thing to know it, it’s entirely another thing to see it. In this 10-minute video, you’ll see it go from wood and wood chips, to pulp and ultimately to paper. Thanks, too, to NAM member company Bowater, in whose facility this is filmed.

So click here to see paper being made and feel the manufacturing vibe.

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  • Sue Lowery says:

    One of my most memorable childhood trips was to a plant that made fertilizer near Muscle Shoals, AL. My father worked for TVA and he took me and my sister along. We bounced through the plant in an old school bus and got small sample vials of different ingredients that went into the fertilizer. I was hooked from that day forward: printing plants, aiplane factories, bakeries, I loved to see them all! The show “How it’s Made” feeds my obsession. I marvel at the innovation, the engineering. So, how did I end up a graphic designer instead of an engineer?

  • Steve says:

    A cool vidoe on how paper is made