Cool Stuff Being Made: How Krispy Kreme Donuts Are Made

By April 29, 2006Cool Stuff Being Made

Donuts.jpgHere’s another video from our friends at South Carolina Educational TV. What better video to watch on Saturday morning than one of Krispy Kreme donuts being made? They start with a batch of mix shipped from the home office in Winston-Salem, NC, toss it together with water and yeast, shoot it through the extruder and voilà! They are making jelly donuts here so you see them get injected with jelly (our stomachs are growling just watching this thing…..). However, the video begs the question of where all the donut holes go. Maybe they can send us an update on that. In all, they make 4,000 – 5,000 dozen donuts a day in this one location. Unbelievable. There’s a small factory just down Route 1 in Alexandria, Virginia, just south of Washington DC. The blogger-in-chief is a regular there. Says the blogteen, eating the fresh donuts off the line is like a slice of heaven. Truth is, it might even be better. Bet you can’t eat just one dozen.

So to every police officer and to that great statesman and donut aficionado, Homer Simpson, we salute you and urge you to run and get a dozen Krispy Kremes, grab a hot cup of coffee, sit back and feel the manufacturing vibe.

Click here to watch this week’s seven and a half minute video of Krispy Kremes being made.