Cool Stuff Being Made: Hand Tools

By April 1, 2006Cool Stuff Being Made

oil.jpgWell, it’s Channellock week ’round the blog corral. Those of you who saw our item from a few days ago that the boss was in Pittsburgh also saw a link to his speech. In it, he talked about Channellock, a 450-employee company that makes world-class pliers and screwdrivers, a fifth-generation business based in Meadville, Pennsylvania. Gov. Engler talked about the fact that the Chinese are selling a “magic” version of one of Channellock’s products. It’s magic because it is almost an exact replica of Channellock’s product and the Chinese can sell it here for less than Channellock’s cost of materials. How could that be when the world pays the same prices for raw materials? Illegal subsidies, that’s how. And he called for China’s compliance with WTO rules.

…But we digress. This is the video of the week after all.

It’s amazing to see the technology — from computer aided design to lasers — that goes into making what some might consider a “low tech” product. It is a reminder once again of how manufacturing is synonymous with high tech. And, you’ll see that Channellock ships to 59 countries and has a warehouse in the Netherlands to supply its customers throughout the EU. Indeed, the line between “foreign” and “domestic” manufacturers is a fuzzy one. This is a small company that is totally immersed in international commerce, finding new markets every day.

So thanks to Randy K. Ferguson, Channellock’s Director of Communications for his “Just in Time” delivery of the video and to Channellock President & CEO, Bill De Arment for the narration. Click here to watch this 11-minute video of Channellock’s world-class hand tools being made.