Cool Products Expo

By April 27, 2006General

Yesterday the Alliance for Innovative Manufacturing at Stanford University held its Cool Products Expo. I was there and saw many of the remarkable inventions that have been developed. They are not all light years away, although the Space Elevator that we have blogged about before, seems a distant reality for those of us stuck in Internet Time. There is an iron that you can use for ironing your clothes that has built-in legs that pop up when your hand is not on the iron itself. There are cool new snow shoes that are ergonomically developed, espcially for women. Palm was there with their Treo and happy to show why is preferable to a Blackberry. How about a kid’s bike that doesn’t need training wheels and instead uses a gyroscope in the front wheel to help a kid stay balanced?! Ford had on display one of its cars with a fuel cell and GM showed off a hydrogen prototype.

The list went on and on and it was clearly a hit with Stanford students who seem to have thronged to the event. And unlike Capitol Hill events in DC, there was no free food and drink. They came because these budding engineers, scientists and business majors were truly interested in what American innovation is creating. Take a look at the website link above for more on these truly Cool Products.