What are the Manufacturing 3 C’s?

By March 9, 2006Manufacturing Institute

The Manufacturing Institute is the research and education arm of the National Association of Manufacturers. We have a separate governing board that met last week, headed up by Joseph Loughrey, President and chief operating officer at Cummins, Inc. Other trustees are from companies such as Whirlpool, IBM, Dow Chemical, Behlen Mfg Company, Caterpillar and ACE Clearwater Enterprises.

The trustees discussed 3 important themes shaping today’s manufacturing:

competitiveness. The institute has been at the forefront of putting competitiveness on the national agenda by serving as coordinator of the National Summit on Competitiveness last December. The summit’s call for action helped prompt the President to call for the American Competitiveness Initiative in his state of the union address.

costs. The institute has generated path-breaking research through our structural cost studies. These reports have helped educate members of Congress further about the impact of high corporate taxes, rising energy and healthcare costs.

careers. The institute has developed the Dream It. Do It. manufacturing careers and economic development campaign, which creates unique public-private partnerships in manufacturing regions around the country. Kansas City was the first and other communities are now lining up to create this effective tool. The Kansas City DIDI raised young people’s enrollment in technical training there by 37 percent and helped the metro area acquire a $15 million federal workforce grant.

For more information on the insitute and the 3 C’s, visit the institute homepage.