UnionFacts Goes to San Diego

By March 7, 2006Labor Unions

You gotta hand it to the folks over at UnionFacts.com — they are like a terrier with a bone when it comes to the AFL-CIO. Somehow this one got by us last week, but we caught up with it in our “In” box today and couldn’t resist passing it along.

As you know, the AFL-CIO Executive Council had their annual mid-winter meeting last week in the posh environs of the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego. Well, lo and behold, the Union Facts terriers followed them there and found not only profligate spending (big shock) of their members’ dues (Hey — when you flush hundreds of millions of their dollars down the political rathole, what’s another few hundred thousand, right?), but also a labor dispute.

Yup. that’s right. Apparently the Carpenter’s Union has a running dispute with the Del Coronado, so the UnionFacts sleuths saw the picket line, and a hotel full of union chiefs. Hmmmm…. You don’t think they ignored the picket line, do you? Can you say, “double standard”? So much for solidarity. To find out which unions are represented on the Executive Council, click here.

On their site, along with the photos of the picket line you’ll also see the hilarious post cards they made up and mailed to a bunch of the union heads. What a hoot. Gotta have some fun in this life, and UnionFacts is leading the way.