TheWashington Post Adds a Conservative Blogger: Welcome, Ben Domenech

By March 23, 2006General

The Washington Post has done the unthinkable: they’ve added a conservative blogger to their e-publication, After a long time with a purely liberal stable of reporters and one very left-wing blogger (and a lefty commentator– not reporter — in Dana Millbank), in a tip of the hat to the majority of the country, they’ve added a blogger from right of center. Better still, they hired a friend of ours and fellow RedState, Ben Domenech. Ben is a guy who’s writing and gravity belies his youth. Let’s just say you’d card him if he came into your bar. But he’s whip smart and is a great writer. We just hope this taste of the mainstream media (MSM) doesn’t mean they’ll capture him and he’ll go over to the dark side.

And if you think that everyone at the Post is taking this in stride, think again. Here’s a link to a story about Ben’s launch, together with an excerpt from an on-line chat with liberal war horse Tom Edsall, who’s chat got hijacked by folks irate about the temerity of the Post in hiring a conservative. You can see that Edsall’s not too happy about it either, impartial reporter that he is, after all. Not even the patina of neutrality as you’ll see. Wow. It’s like hearng folks crow about Fox News, one conservative network in a sea of anchors pulling — and voting – hard left.

We still say “bravo” to the WaPo for being the first newspaper that we’re ware of to take this step. It truly is a step in the direction of balance (anybody remember balance?), even if Ben at this point is only the token conservative ’round the Post. No matter, he’s a guy who understand the free market and the burden of taxes and regulation and legal costs. We hope he’ll be writing some about those issues in the weeks and months ahead as well.

For now we say “Welcome, Ben”, say “we knew you when” and wish him all the best in the rough and tumble world of the MSM. Heck, if he survived the blogosphere, the Post will be child’s play.

Here’s a link to Ben’s Post blog column, “Red America“. We hope you’ll check it regularly — after you read ours, of course….