The Week Ahead

By March 20, 2006General

This is a busy week ’round the NAM Corral. First and foremost, our annual trade show, National Manufacturing Week, takes place outside Chicago, in Rosemont, Illinois. It is a blast to attend — thousands of manufacturers under one roof showing the absolutely coolest stuff and latest technology and innovation. Talk about the manufacturing vibe — you can avoid it there, it’s contagious.

We also have our annual Public Affairs Conference in Phoenix. The blogger-in-chief will be reporting live from there. A little more heady out there, not quite as hands on, but we’ll report back on developments. Hopefully somebody will fill us in from Chicago.

The end of the week will find us in South Carolina meeting with the South Carolina Manufacturers Association. There will be Reports form America on all of these, or so we expect. There will also be the usual rants about whatever piques us. Al Gore’s movie is due out this week. It’s received a pretty good drubbing thus far, but we might pile on anyway, ’cause it’s fun. We figure any guy that can invent the Internet oughta be able to make a pretty damned good movie. We’ll let you know.

Stay tuned.