The Wednesday Poster: Buy ‘Em While They Are Hot

By March 22, 2006Miscellaneous

Ok, we finally bit the bullet.

After years (literally!) of deliberation, we finally decided to offer an opportunity for you to buy those infamous vintage posters seen week after week in our Wednesday Poster series.

If you like old advertising, vintage WWII-like patriotic posters, or anything retro (for that matter), then you’ll love our series of four posters that are now on sale for the small price of $23.99.

If you’re not familiar with Cafe Press, get to know ’em…they are a great site. Basically, they have made it possible for us to sell these posters.

Cafe Press has a simple business model. Upload your artwork and select the products that you want printed on it. It makes decisions like this easy. There’s no fussing on how many to print, because its all print-on-demand. Meaning, you pay (or make a profit) only for the ones that get sold.

We manufacturers, who invented Just In Time and SIx Sigma, know a thing or two about this kind of business model.

So, anyway, we’ve heard from a lot of you that you’d like to have a copy of these posters to hang on your wall. Well, now is your opportunity. Click here to place your order today.