The Saturday Video: Oil, From the Ground Into Your Car

By March 18, 2006Cool Stuff Being Made

oil.jpgSince this was the week the Senate decided to put on some bad theater by focusing on the oil industry — on half the story, to be exact — we thought this might be a good week to feature some animation and video from NAM member Marathon.

This is a pretty interesting show. We thought we knew a lot about oil exploration and production, but turns out we didn’t know as much as we thought, learned a bit from the story contained herein. Again, it is both animation and videos that you can click on throughout the tale of bringing oil from the ground and ultimately to your tank. Entitled, “The Time it Takes to Provide America’s Transportation Fuels“, it starts off shore and follows the process all the way through to the pump.This is the manufacturing process at its most basic — so simple, but done today in some very sophisticated ways.

We hope you’ll enjoy the animation and video of how we get our oil, refine it and make it into gasoline and deliver it to your local service station. Click here to watch it and feel the manufacturing vibe.