The Saturday Video: Industry on Parade

By March 25, 2006Cool Stuff Being Made

oil.jpgHere’s another one for the archives, from “Industry on Parade”, the weekly show the NAM hosted in the 50’s. These are just so retro, they’re hysterical. The narrator, the music, the whole bit.

This one shows hearing aids being made at the Solitone (sp?) Company in Elmsburg, New York. You see what passes for high-tech and miniaturization back then. Listen carefully and you’ll hear the narrator refer to the “girls” who are dong the assembly. He also notes that the diverse pieces of the assembly process are “brought together by intelligent management.” This was clearly the pre-Dilbert era.

It ends with a tug on the patriotic heartstrings –as if “Hearing for the Deaf” isn’t enough to tug on the heartstrings — showing a battleship and planes flying overhead. All a part of the times.

So click here to watch hearing aids being made way back when and feel the manufacturing vibe.