The Saturday Video: How Washing Machines Are Made

washing machinesThe Blogger-in-Chief has trusted his Apprentice to fill in for him to announce this week’s video.

As you know, he’s been in Arizona all week at the NAM Board Meeting. No doubt, when he returns from being on the road all week with a bag of dirty laundry, he’s gonna watch this video while he waits for some clean clothes.

This week’s video comes to us from our good friends at Whirpool. Thanks to audio/video specialist Ruth Ludlow for sending it to us. She tells us that washing machines are Whirlpool’s #1 product…and they are made right here in the USA; in Clyde, Ohio to be specific.

The video you are about to watch takes you step-by-step on how a washing machine is made, from the seam welding, basket expansion, spiral design hole punch, the various layers of paint coating & firing, to tub support & brake assembly. Its not narrated, but there are on-screen words to explain what’s going on.

As a bonus feature, after you finish watching how the washing machine is made, you get your own personal tour of Clyde, Ohio, America’s Famous Small Town, where they make this wonderful product that we, once again, challenge you to live without.

Click here to watch this week’s video and feel the manufacturing vibe.