The NEA Joins the AFL-CIO’s Sinking Ship

By March 1, 2006Labor Unions

At their winter meeting at the luxurious Hotel Del Coronado just outside San Diego, the AFL-CIO announced something of a partnership with the National Education Association (NEA). While unions are fleeing the ineptitude and waste that is the Federation, the NEA has decided to let its affiliates team up with the AFL-CIO. We can only wonder, “What are they thinking?” As rat after rat leaves the sinking ship (with at least one more expected soon), why on earth would the NEA decide to take this step?

There are some things they have in common. You might recall from this piece that the NEA is no stranger to squandering its members money on causes the members don’t believe in. And , in this piece from last summer during the AFL-CIO break-up, the NEA came down against the free exchange of ideas in academia. Hmmmm…., so maybe these groups do have more in common than we first thought.

In related news, the AFL-CIO also announced a $40 million plan to take back the Congress for Democrats. We would think that at a certain point their members would just rise up and say “Enough!” This would be another $40 million on top of the countless hundreds of millions they have put down the political rathole. Note that they didn’t say they want to elect people that their members support. No, they say they want to win back the Congress for Democrats. John Sweeney’s been promising this for years, all the while hemorrhaging members at a near frantic pace.

As so we can only scratch our heads at this new civil union. Let’s hope the NEA got a good pre-nup.