The Media DisHonor Awards

By March 31, 2006General

Being a Blogger definitely has its advantages. Sometimes, we get treated with the same “respect” as the MSM press and get comped invites to cool dinners and events.

Although, tonight is not a night you’d want to identify yourself with the MSM, but its always a great night when you get comped for a cool dinner.

As we have noted previously, in Washington, DC there is usually one event every week that everybody tries to beg to get into…the one event that you want to be seen at.

Well, tonight that event was

the Media Resarch Center’s 2006 Gala, featuring the Media DisHonor Awards and a Special Tribute to the American Military.

Some of you mat not particularly care for the Media Research Center, but most everyone can agree that there is a bias in the media. And no one documents and exposes it better than the Media Research Center (MRC)–its true…they have over a quarter million hours of taped content which is well sought after.

So, if you only learn one thing about media bias each year, then tonight is the best night to do so where the MRC presents its “best of the worst” awards honoring media bias.

The Blogger’s Apprentice has attended this annual black tie event in the past and this year, like year’s past. held up to its high standards.

This year there unique awards presented to a member of the MSM. This year there were six awards and they included:

-The “Slam Uncle Sam Award”
-Nominees: Andrea Mitchell, Chris Matthews, Nina Totenberg (Winner: Chris Matthews)

-The “Send Bush to Abu Ghraib Award”
-Nominees: Jack Cafferty, Keith Olbermann, Nancy Giles (Winner: Jack Cafferty)

-The “Cindy Sheehan Media Hero Award”
-Nominees: Rick Kaplan, David Gergen, Chris Matthews (Winner: Chris Matthews)

-The “Aaron Brown Memorial Award for Stupidest Analysis”
-Nominees: Ted Turner, Harry Smith, Mary Mapes (Winner: Ted Turner)

-The “I’m Not a Political Genius But I Play One on TV Award”
-Nominees: Kathy Griffin, Alec Baldwin, Rosie O’Donnell (Winner: Rosie O’Donnell)

Observation: Isn’t it interesting that of the five awards presented, four of them went to just two networks…what does that say about the state of the media?

Each award was preceded by a video clip that garnered the nomination followed by a member of the conservative media either presenting the award or accepting it on their behalf. A panel of judges selected by the MRC votes on each year’s winner. And each year there is never a shortage of content.

Our personal favorite presenter was Larry Kudlow who, as an employee of the MSM, was quick to note that he prefers the title of “Larry Kudlow, Capitalist” because, “it just ticks off the bosses in the MSM when I use that title.”

Our favorite award acceptor was Linda Chavez who promised to deliver Chris Matthews his award in her “1998 Dodge Pickup Truck.”

The MRC tells us that the clips from tonight’s event will be posted on their Web site at: so we hope that you’ll check out these clips and see for yourself who are the winners of this year’s 2006 Media Dishonor awards.

All in all, a fascinating and fun event, its “the emmy’s of the media world” and a fun time to mingle with luminaries including Rush Limbaugh, Cal Thomas, Bob Novak, Sean Hannity and others.

Unfortunately, the BIC was sick today, so he sent along his humble apprentice to report on the eveing. For those that couldn’t make it, its worth attending at least once, if not every year.

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  • ChagrinRick says:

    Wow. A pack of rightwingnuts whining about the fact that every last media outlet hasn’t bent to their will yet and still manage to report the occasional tidbit not convenient to their cause. Now that’s something new and fresh. I’ll bet it was just a whole bagful of laughs.