The AFL-CIO Starts Soviet-Style Blog

By March 1, 2006Labor Unions

We’ve often talked of the mainstream media here (MSM) and compared their efforts at blogging to watching your parents dance to rock and roll music. Well, the AFL-CIO has gone one better, generating an image of maybe your grandparents dancing to rock and roll music — or rap.

To show that they are indeed hip, that they are indeed down with all that, the AFL-CIO started a blog a few weeks ago. You can see it by going to this site. However, as our old friend Jonathan Tasini points out (we always go check out Jonathan’s blog on matters having to do with the AFL-CIO), it is “a disappointment”. Why? Says Tasini:

The …AFL-CIO … ‘blog’ appears to me to be no different than the rest of the site: it’s simply offering information (which is fine) but it prevents debate–a long-time hallmark of the AFL-CIO’s culture that pre-dates the Sweeney Administration. No one can post comments. You’re simply asked to absorb more propaganda and be interested in a one-way conversation.”

We’d have to agree with Jonathan Tasini on this. So while we’d like to welcome the AFL-CIO to the blogosphere, we really can’t, since they’re not really there yet. What do you think? Click below to comment…..

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  • Pat Cleary says:

    Over the top? Moi? Certainly not when talking about our friends over at the AFL.

    And, methinks your memory is playing tricks on you. We’ve had comments since the outset.

    Let freedom ring.

    Thanks for writing.

  • Dave Meyer says:

    Isn’t this a little over the top? A number of prominent conservative bloggers, including Instapundit, don’t feautre comments. This blog lacked comments for quite a while, if I recall correctly.

    The AFL-CIO site appears to be a decent start. It often takes a while to get comfortable enough with the medium to open things up, especially for a big bureaucratic entity like the AFL-CIO.