Stossel on Dobbs, v.2

By March 24, 2006Dobbs Watch

Dobbs WatchAnother sharp-eyed blog reader — this one a fellow fan (not!) of Lou Dobbs’ show. After posting our blurb below on John Stossel’s article on Lou, somebody posted a comment (you can see it in the “Comment” section on that post) saying, “You should see the 20/20 interview when Jon talks with Lou about outsourcing. Lou looked like a complete idiot!” And so we asked for a video. We don’t have the video yet, but this same reader wrote back with a link to the transcript. We’ve saved you the trouble of having to slog through it all and have excised the relevant excerpt here .

Our faithful reader (not the same one that sent us the Tom Friedman video from Yale, by the way, it was our other blog reader who sent this) added this note to the e-mail forwarding the transcript: “The transcript does not show the emotion that Lou had during the interview. It was his emotion that made him look like a raving idiot.” Ah, nothing like loyal, adoring fans…

If someone comes up with the video or a link to the video, let us know and we’ll post Stossel on Dobbs, v.3.

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