Stossel on Dobbs, v. 3

By March 26, 2006Dobbs Watch

Dobbs WatchSure enough, the blogosphere has worked its magic once again. One (or the other) of our sharp-eyed blog readers posted a comment on our piece below on John Stossel and outsourcing. In fact, they did find the video on the ABC News site and sent us this link.

What’s great about it is you get to see Lou Dobbs on somebody else’s turf, namely Stossel’s. You realize why he doesn’t do much of this, because he really does come off looking — as one of our other readers commented last week — “like a raving idiot.” Our reader’s words, not ours. But we’d agree. At one point Dobbs says that “outsourcing is stupid and being stupid is un-American.” Hard to argue with that, we guess. Not really.

So thanks to both our faithful readers for coming through once again. The video really does bring to life the bland and sanitized transcript as the reader who sent us the transcript said it did.

This episode proves once again that we have the smartest damned blog readers on the plant. Enjoy the 5-minute video.