Sen. Thune on Energy

By March 16, 2006General

A question on energy from 60-plus:

Energy costs are killing senior citizens. Sen. Thune says the jobs statistics don’t get out there, neither do many of the good things that the Senate is doing. The President called for an energy bill and we were able to pass it. Here we are, 30 years after gas lines and 60% of our energy still comes from outside the U.S.

We us 140 billion gallons of gas a year. The only way to address affordability, cost, is to help ourselves. That includes AWR exploration. Approved by Congress, vetoed by President Clinton in the 90s. It’s “absolutely crazy” for us not to be helping ourselves by not developing our own resources. Same with Lease section 181 for OCS in Florida.

We need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, need to develop alternative fuels, like ethanol. We need to take anther bite at an energy policy this year that puts incentives in place for alternative fuels, nuclear, clean coal technology, more capacity for refineries. We have supplies here. To the extent that we continue to rely on places like Iraq, Iran and Venezuela for oil, we continue to put ourselves at great peril.