Sen. Cornyn on Immigration

By March 16, 2006General

Sen. Bond opens, introducing Sens. Coleman, Thune, Cornyn and panelists, outlining agenda on energy, education and health care.

First question is from Esperanza, on immigration. The question was on the need for a “comprehensive policy” that secures our borders and provides an opportunity for new workers.

Sen. Cornyn: Judiciary Committee is working on it, we expect a bill to go to the floor soon. A third of my constituents are Hispanic. We need to be a nation of immigrants but be a nation that respects the rule of law. Illegal immigrants can be exploited. We need to gain control of our borders. There is a lot of economic activity along the border — both sides — in Texas. We need an economic component to immigration reform. Security alone won’t do it. We need a temporary worker program that allows people to come work legally an then return to their home country. No one’s interested in solutions that are unduly punitive, and we need to do this in context of our history as a nation of laws.

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  • DolphinOne says:

    The Bank of Mexico reported in January 2006 that remittances were tabbed at $20-billion. On the surface, that seems small in an $11-trillion economy. But the reality is $20-billion equates to 222,222 jobs with a total compensation package of about $90,000. So, by allowing foreigners come here to work, the outflow of dollars will increase – costing American jobs in the USA. The right of foreigners to send unlimited amounts of their earnings out of the United States must end. I favor a $500 annual cap with a 50% fee on amounts exceeding the $500.

  • J says:

    If Claudia “loves Mexico”, then she loves a neglectful and abusive mother! Face it, Claudia, you have “nursed at a dry breast” for too long! Mexico NEVER cared for you and your needs until you left her, violated her neighbor’s laws and entered illegally, and began colonizing for her and sending home the wealth in remittances that you send! Sooner or later, children of neglectful and abusive parents must turn from the damaging parent and begin their lives anew–realizing fully that this parent either had NOTHING to give or REFUSED to give it.

    The literature of Mexico is filled with stories about the reality in Mexico: the poor matter not at all! You never mattered and you never will–except as a tool to further the cause of the wealthy elite. You are blind, apparently, to the fact that they are grooming you only to use you once again to fill their wallets and to fatten their bank accounts.

    Again, ask yourself, Claudia, where was Mexico when you needed her? She ignored your needs for so long that you came here–to a country that pays you (even at the low wages paid to illegals) FAR more than you could have gotten there! Why bite the hand that now feeds you (even though you have NO right to be fed here!)?

    You are blind and determined to continue being blind. And because of this, you make yourself a tool once again to further the cause of the elite–whether in Mexico or here (the new Mexican-American elite who can now live luxuriously as they “serve” as your advocates in such groups as La Raza, etc. Of COURSE they want you to be able to stay! You are the masses they rule!)

    I feel very sorry for you. You have been utterly abused and fooled and seem determined to continue being so.

    Oh, and by the way: I and my family have NEVER asked or allowed others to “do our dirty work”! We take pride in doing our own housework, lawns, etc. My parents were poor tenant farmers who worked the fields, picking and hoeing cotton and living lives far worse than you are now living as you sit here illegally! Americans have never been afraid of dirty work–who do you think has done it all along before you entered illegally and depressed the wages of those who did it? And, finally, only those who live lives worthy of respect should get respect. You are a lawbreaker–if you are here illegally–and therefore daily must lie, “steal” someone’s social security number, etc. You and those like you are not living lives worthy of respect.

  • kevin reynolds says:

    i think all illegals should be deported as soon as possible their fines should be used to build a fence as should the fines given to employers of illegals the massive influx of illegals has resulted in the american worker’s wage level being depressed and the american standard of living declining since 1970. we have many poor minorities and young people who can not even get minimum wage jobs because illegals take the jobs for even less money. our pols had better listen to the american people because there is a groundswell of rage building

  • Fran Montgomery says:

    Claudia Najera-Love Mexico? Why aren’t you living there. There’s an old saying in the USA. I’ll make it simple for the feeble-minded-LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!!

  • Claudia Najera says:

    first i want to say that immigrants are the one that come to this country to do the dirty work and they should get respect from everyone else. i love Mexico.