Report from America: The NAM Board Meeting, Sen Kyl, John Luke

By March 4, 2006General

Report from AmericaSen. John Kyl (R-Az), favorite son, came by to see us on Friday afternoon. He talked about his current priorities: asbestos, energy (including ANWR), legal reform, pensions and immigration. On energy, as he said, “we can’t conserve our way out of this [problem].” We agree. We need to open up domestic supplies while we work on long-term solutions.

MeadWestvaco President — and NAM Chairman — John Luke, gave a good Chairman’s report, talked about our priorities but said to the assembled manufacturers in the end. “We are united by a common bond, the bond of people who make things in this country.” You really could feel the camaraderie in the room, the fraternity (and increasingly the sorority) of shared experience, of being the best manufacturers in the world, of providing prosperity for millions of people every day.

Luke charged them all to get involved and to carry the manufacturing message to the far corners of their states and Congressional districts. At meetings’ end, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that this motivated group will do exactly that.