Podcast on the Small & Medium Manufacturers Report

By March 1, 2006Studies and Reports

We are always interested in who is reading the blog and the reports that The Manufacturing Institute, NAM and our partners issue from time to time. Last week, we released a long awaited report, The Future Success of Small and Medium Manufacturers–Challenges and Policy Issues. Shopfloor.org was a natural place to write about this new research, based on interviews with a wide range of manufacturers.

So we were very pleased when the folks at betterprocess.com read the blog entry and asked us if they could do a podcast about it. It turns out that they have a steady audience that is interested in manufacturing and business issues. I spoke with them today and they have turned the interview into 5 programs that you can easily download on your I-pod. If you would like hear more about our report, just click on the link above. That’s it–manufacturing and technology go hand in hand.