One More Highlight….

By March 6, 2006Miscellaneous

Report from AmericaAs is often the case, the biggest personal highlight of this week came not at the Board meeting but at the airport, where retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor was on the same flight back to Washington. And so the Blogger-in-chief went up to her and introduced himself, but more importantly introduced the first blogteen, who offered up her civics book and a pen, for Justice O’Connor to sign right where her name appeared — literally — in the history book. The blogteen had never met an historical figure (other than the blogger-in-chief, that is). Justice O’Connor could not have been more gracious. The proud dad could not resist noting to Justice O’Connor that in fact, the first blogteen may take her seat on the Supreme Court one day. Justice O’Connor smiled broadly. “I hope so”, she said, never taking her gaze off the teen, “We need more women there.”

It was a great moment with one great woman whose place in history is settled for the ages, and one who will undoubtedly make her own mark some day.

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