More Hysteria on Global Warming

By March 28, 2006Global Warming

Time magazine is the latest to weigh in on the global warming hysteria, with a cover story this week. Near as we can tell, it’s a lot of hype and hooey. Seems there is no consensus among scientists that it’s happening, no consensus among those who think it’s happening about why and no consensus among those who think it’s happening about what to do about it.

We went and checked out, got some interesting info there. Also discovered from our friends over at that 30 years ago, both Time and Newsweek ran stories a year apart about “The Coming Ice Age”. Whatever. Hard keeping up with the crisis du jour.

For more in-depth info, here’s our white paper, submitted to the Senate Energy Committee a week or so ago. Here’s an excerpt:

“However, there remains considerable scientific uncertainty and disagreement regarding human impacts on climate, and there is an inability to predict accurately future climate change. In fact, observational data have not confirmed evidence of global warming that can be attributed to human activities.”

Pretty straightforward, but doesn’t really feed into the hysteria, so it’s much less newsworthy. It’s why we have blogs…..