Michael Kinsley on Lou Dobbs

By March 31, 2006Dobbs Watch

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  • G. Chell says:

    American people did not agree with Lou Dobbs in 2004 when they voted for George Bush. Bush had been for guestworker programs and outsourcing since his days as governor of Texas. Dobbs was ranting and raving against illegal aliens and outsourcing, but did not ask his viewers to turn Bush out of office. In fact when one of us called him to ask who he voted for, he was plainly stonewalling. This is not a dictatorship. People have the right to choose. If after their support for guestworker programs, voters re-elect Clinton and Feinstein, it should be taken to mean that these voters support the policies of these two senators. People have a choice to turn them out.

  • ChagrinRick says:

    The article wasn’t really about Lou Dobbs as such any more than it was about Bill O’ Reilly. Dobbs was used as a starter to make a broader point about the media’s efforts at a false sort of “objectivity”. You’re being kind of misleading to imply that Kinsley’s primary thrust was anti-Dobbs.