Lou Dobbs Stirs the (Melting) Pot

By March 29, 2006Dobbs Watch

Dobbs WatchFor Lou Dobbs, this is the rapture. The Senate is debating the immigration bill, a bill that might legalize — gulp — more immigrants, and President Bush is off to Lou’s least-favorite country, Mexico, for an economic summit with his NAFTA partners. For a guy who spends night after night after night hammering away on the issue of immigration, this is like the Super Bowl, World Series, Daytona 500 and Pamplona all rolled into one. The Mexican-American War of 2006. “Put me in, coach”, says Lou, “I’m ready to play.”

To make matters worse, Lou is headed to Mexico himself where he will broadcast live, the anti-ambassador of good will, the piñata pundit twisting over the heads of those he so detests. Indeed, it seems this week at times that CNN has become the voice of the angry white guy, with Dobbs — looking pretty shiny at times — ranting for seemingly hours on end about the evils of immigration. Every now and then he’d have to stop his divisive rhetoric long enough to clarify that it was “illegal” immigration he opposed, as it was never entirely clear from his comments that he drew any such distinction. He would also occasionally inject the obligatory platitude about immigrants — if they came here legally, of course. Almost sounded like, “Some of my best friends are immigrants”. Right. He probably waves to them as they mow his lawn. Loves ’em.

So stay tuned to Lou this week. For him, it is harmonic convergence, it is the rapture. In Mexico, he’ll be blasting away at Mexican Presidente Fox, at President Bush and maybe at Canadian Prime Minister Harper, for all we know. And during the lulls in the summit, he will be lobbing rhetorical grenades at the Senate and its immigration debate. He is in his element, he was born for this moment.

And he just might blow.

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  • Nan says:

    I early voted yesterday. When the person instructed a group on how to work the new voting machine I asked her for a paper ballot. Her answer was, “Why would you want that, you are in America.” My reply was, “Because I am an American.” Needless to say I did not get a paper ballot. When she had finished her instructions I thought I had already voted Republican.

    Disturbed Dem. in Texas

  • If by some miracle Tom Tancredo were elected to the presidency of the USA, I would hope that Lou Dobbs would be offered & except some office in Tancredo’s Administration. Thank you Lou Dobbs for what you are doing. I wonder what people I knew in the past would say to me now, I predicted these days were coming in the 1980’s. I knew the philosophy of “a Mexican Aztlan” in 1976. What was Casper Weinburger talking about in his book “The Next War”, but conflict with Mexico?

  • Meryl says:

    Do you know what Lou Dobbs’ ancestry is? I would be curious to know when and why his people came to the US. I would venture a guess that they came for the same reasons that people immigrate today- feeding their family. He is frightening.

  • Lee Ballowe says:

    City of Lewisville, Texas hired a company to place new streets, sidewalks, and curbs. The paving company employee placed our curb in wrong place. City will not force Paving co to correct. Paving Co. is taking word of their Employee, who they say had to go to Mexico because of illness. They say they will talk with him and let us know. That was a month ago. We have lived in this same house since 1958. We have paid taxes all this time. We are 88 and 77 years old. Guess who rates !!!!
    It is not us.
    Lee and T. J. Ballowe

  • Brett says:

    The new immigration law that the Senate is working on is going to show us how little the senate represents the middle class and poor Americans. It will be a law purposely written broken. For example when the wording states “employers can be fined up to $20,000 for each illegal alien the employ” make note to the phrase “can be” that means the fines will not be $20,000. They will be far less. Also the new law will state employers who knowingly hires illegal aliens. Make note to the word “knowingly” this means all an employer has to do is play ignort and say he didn’t know. These are the two loop holes which the senate is purposely writing into the law for the benefit of corporate America, illegal aliens and the Mexican government. If the senate truly wants a solution then they will make sure there are no loop holes for employers who hire illegal aliens. It will read “employers who hire illegal aliens, knowingly or not, will be fined $20,000 for each illegal they employ”. And most importantly enforce it each and every time.

  • eileen says:

    Thank you Lou for letting us know the truth. Believe me the American citizens have no idea what is going on behind their backs. Thanks for informing us. You are the best! If the others don’t like it here send them home!!!!

  • tom says:

    I think Lou Dobbs should just resign and get off the air.He might have a point,but he has gone too far in getting it across.He is at the point now where he thinks there is something evil behind everything in the news he reports.For lack of words like he says,he is actually causing trouble for innocent people by his rude attitude and that snippy grin after each of his comments.

  • Steve Ulrich says:

    While the most entertaining solution to our immigration problem might be to lock Michelle Malkin in a room with the President of La Raza and televise the match (only slightly less entertaining than a gladiatorial contest between James Carville & Sean Hannity), successful immigration reform, like any effective compromise, demands a policy that offends everyone.

    Accordingly, here are my modest suggestions for immigration reform ? addressing the competing realities of the situation.

    Step number one will be to allow all illegal aliens in the USA to stay in the USA for the rest of their lives, provided they are not convicted of a felony. This will offend (1) people who think we are all racists (2) citizens who think we should round up all illegal aliens and send them packing (3) citizens who think, if an illegal alien is out of work, he or she should be deported (4) Americans who want to make money by marrying ?illegals? (5) atheists who are afraid of letting so many Christians into the country) (6) people who cannot stand Sabado Gigante.

    Step number two is to amend our laws so these illegal aliens and their children can NEVER become US citizens, even by marriage, and can never participate in any government benefits, unless they return to their country and apply for citizenship, with no credit for time served in the USA. They will remain citizens of Mexico, Hungary, Venezuela, Albania, Costa Rica etc. This will offend (1) people who think we are all racists (2) people who think breaking our laws should be rewarded by citizenship just because we, as people, are too lazy & cheap to round up the lawbreakers (3) Hollywood liberals (4) The Statue of Liberty Foundation (5) The Communist Party of America.

    Step three is to require all illegal aliens to register with the federal government & apply payroll & social security taxes to illegal aliens? wages. This will offend (1) people who think we are all racists (2) illegal aliens who will make less money, receive no benefits and have to deal with a government agency (this alone may encourage them to return to their homelands). (3) employers who don?t want to do the paperwork (4) the CATO Institute

    Step four would be to require all employers to pay a one time fine of $10,000 per illegal alien, to fund the program above. This will offend (1) people who think we are all racists (2) big business (3) illegal aliens.

    Step five would be to build a concrete and steel fence the entire length of the USA ? Mexican border, and patrol it with US troops. This would offend (1) people who think we are all racists (2) Vicente Fox (the best part of the entire proposal), (3) environmentalists of all stripes (4) conservatives who hate all government programs (5) The United Nations (oops, I was wrong about Vicente Fox) (6) foes of the Military Industrial Complex (7) feng shui experts.

    This fence would be 20 feet high, 20 feet wide and made from steel and concrete produced by factories owned by USA owned companies and located in the USA. Auto workers who are members of existing auto manufacturers ?job banks,? would get first crack at the jobs in the factories, and would be kicked out of the job banks if they refuse to work on the wall. After all of the auto workers in job banks have been employed, any factory worker laid off in the last 10 years will get precedence in hiring This will offend (1) people who think we are all racists (2) numerologists who think the fence should be 30 by 30 (3) foreign steel & concrete makers (4) auto workers currently getting 95% of their salaries for doing nothing.

    If not enough workers are available to build the wall, black men between the ages of 18 and 30 will be next in hiring precedence. This will offend (1) people who think we are all racists (2) Hispanics (3) feminists (you thought I forgot about them, didn?t you?) (4) The AARP

    Step six would be to amend the immigration laws so no one from a Muslim country, and no Muslims could emigrate to the USA. This would offend (1) people who think we are all racists (2) Allah (3) The Inter ? Faith Council of the US (4) Christians and Jews who live in Muslim countries,

    Step seven would be to amend the United States Constitution to declare English the official language of the US (This would offend (1) people who think we are all racists (2) The Spanish department of Yale University) and immediately outlaw bilingual education, multi language ballots, advertising in any language except English, and Sabado Gigante.

  • Joseph Jordan says:

    Thank God for Lou Dobbs and anybody like him for speaking the truth and presenting himself as a True American!How about this idea? Go to the border of Mexico or Canada and hire illegal aliens to build a Huge Wall, as the work day ends those that are illegal can be sent back across the border and not be let in the U.S. (Hello! everybody,s Happy!)

  • wayne dunson says:

    I would like to give amessage to lou dobbs. I think he is the only american left that has the guts to tell the truth about this “illegal alien problem” We have a gutless homicidal maniac war monger for a president and a gutless bought and paid for congress and senate. Look at the condition of our country?? If something is not done soon I don!t know what will happen to our country. If you want to see a true patriot Lou Dobbs look in yhe mirror!!!!

  • Thor says:

    Despicable HYPOCRITE CNN Anchor Lou Dobbs raves against Free Trade like a garden-variety Economic Illiterate braiwashed by his own show.

    However, he SHOULD KNOW BETTER. He has a BS from Harvard in ECONOMICS of all subjects!!

    Unless he squeezed by with a C- (which, with grade inflation today, is an F-)…

  • Barbara Steinberg says:

    How are you physically going to deport 12 million people? You’d have to do it at a reasonable cost in a reasonable amount of time.

    Cattlecars? What, do we want to look like Ethnic Cleansers, as millions of Mexican immigrants tearfully wave from cattlecars to their American-born toddlers screaming on the side of the road?

    It’s not going to happen. I’m supporting the Kennedy/McCain bill. It’s not amnesty. Immigrants get in the back of the line, pay taxes, stay out of trouble, LEARN ENGLISH, and become citizens after 11 years. That’s not amnesty. It’s a road to hope, so 12 million people won’t become disaffected rioting mobs, like immigrants are in France.

  • Pat Cleary says:


    As Az Gov. Janet Napolitano said at our Bd mtg earlier this month, “Show me a 50′ wall and I’ll show you a 51′ ladder.”

    Here’s the link: http://blog.nam.org/archives/2006/03/the_nam_board_m.php

    Thanks for writing,

    Pat Cleary

  • bill webb says:

    Lou Dobbs is absolutly right. Sure some illegals pay some taxes, but the drain on our social services is by far more, 10 times as much. The cost of building a 50 foot wall the whole 2100 miles of our southern boarder would be cheaper then what we are paying as a nation to have 20 million illegals in this country. The Gov. has created this problem by not enforcing our boardes, now they think they can fix it by allowing amnesty to all that are here. It will not work. Just as in 1986 more will follow.

  • d.a.n says:

    Illegal immigration is a serious issue.
    Legal, regulated immigraiton is OK.
    Massive, uncontrolled illegal immigration creates chaos, societal disorder, and fuels racism and resentment.