Gov. Corzine: Flip-Flopper, Tax Raiser

By March 30, 2006Miscellaneous

We were at a speech on Monday of this week to a group of manufacturers, ran into a guy from New Jersey — the Cradle of Civilization and the Blogger-in-chief’s home state. We asked him how the new Gov. Corzine was doing. “Well”, he replied, “He ran on a platform of tax cuts and is now raising our taxes.”

It appears the Wall Street Journal was listening. Here’s their editorial from yesterday on Gov. Corzine’s famous flip-flop. Sadly, New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the country. A major manufacturing state, we wonder how on earth they’ll continue to attract business.

By the way, ever wonder how competitive your state is? Check out the Competitiveness Redbook. It’s all spelled out in there.