Globalization Hits Georgia

By March 14, 2006General

No sooner had Toyota announced the investment of a few hundred million dollars and the addition of a thousand jobs in Indiana that news came over the transom about Korea’s Kia Motors. They plan to invest over a billion dollars in a plant in Georgia that will employ some 5500 people. Don’t expect Lou Dobbs to be commenting on either of these, in that they run counter to his view of the flat earth where all the marbles roll away from the US to China. As it turns out, the world is round and those little marbles of capital roll both ways around the globe. Who knew? We did.By the way, the Organization for International Investment has a state-by-state map of international investment in dollars and jobs. It’s worth checking out.

We just wanted to make the point again about globalization, i.e., that it’s the same two-way street it was yesterday — and for the hundred or so years before then.

Let the flat earthers ponder that.