Gale Norton Steps Down

By March 11, 2006General

Interior Secretary Gale Norton announced yesterday that she intends to step down — “leave the mountaintop of [the] Cabinet” in her words — after five years in this key post. When she leaves, advocates of affordable and reliable supplies of energy lose a key ally. Those who hope for less dependence on foreign sources of energy will see their hopes dim a bit without her in the Cabinet. She has been tireless in her pursuit of new domestic sources of energy, most notably ANWR and OCS. More importantly — and seldom reported — is that she was committed to doing so in an environmentally sound and safe way.

You may recall she was kind enough to invite us to a live blogging event back in December. There, she laid out a pretty clear and compelling case for ANWR exploration, a case that was rejected (only for the moment) by the Congress. Her view will prevail ultimately, but it’s too bad it won’t be on her watch as she’s done so much to advance the cause.

We’ve said in this space many times that for the poor and those on a fixed income, if they are paying more for energy, they have radical enviros to thank. Those who find affordable sources of energy some day will be able to trace it back to the near-heroic efforts of Secretary Norton. She leaves the Department of Interior as a brave, articulate and effective public servant and as a steward of the environment of the highest order. We will miss her commitment to affordable energy and her great leadership. Manufacturers, who today pay the highest prices for natural gas in the world, appreciate her efforts to try and keep us competitive in the world.

Here’s a copy of our press release from yesterday, praising her work and accomplishments and here’s a link to her letter of resignation to the President.

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  • Pat Cleary says:

    Well, caribou migrate, you know. And, speaking of caribou, remember the dire predictions about what might happen to the caribou herd if the Alaska Pipeline was built In fact it increased six-fold. Those caribou are hearty and unpredictable.

    Norton did it all in an environmentally safe and sound way. Tait’s what irks her critics. they can’t admit it.

    Thanks for writing.

  • David Willinger says:

    So does this writer think that a great “steward of the environment” should look back with pride on her tenure as one great acheivement being that the caribou have fled Idaho for Canada? Is this an environmental achievment?

  • UL says:

    Interesting remarks.