Friday Follies: ‘We Are Sinking!’

By March 31, 2006Friday Follies

fridayfollies.jpgWe have a rule of thumb around the blog corral: If we get the same tidbit sent to us more than once, it qualifies as an automatic entry in Friday Follies. Now some may say that receiving it more than once would mean that it’s not cutting edge, that it’s stale, but we don’t buy it. First, as anyone who’s been reading this blog for any length of time knows, we’re all about stale, starting with the writing. Second, we subscribe to the Arlo Guthrie “Alice’s Restaurant” theory that any more than one becomes a movement.

And so it was with this short ad for Berlitz. We got it from a few different blog readers, most recently from the always- reliable Ron Reisman. He is one of our two loyal blog readers. (That oughta tell you something about Ron). But he’s a good manufacturer who keeps an eye out for us.

And so we present this week’s Friday Follies. Click on this link to watch it.