CQ: The Finest Damned Publication on the Planet

By March 27, 2006General

OK, gang — time for another shameless plug. Seems it was a slow news week over at Congressional Quarterly Weekly (“CQ” to the cognoscenti) a week or so ago. They did a story on Internet advocacy and needed a little filler so they talked to us about our humble little blog and ace reporter and writer John Cochran ended up making us sound a whole lot better than we are. For that we are eternally grateful. We’re glad we sent that case of whiskey, in retrospect.

So here’s a link to the article, complete with a sexy photo of the blogger-in-chief sitting in front of one of our vintage posters. Thanks again to John Cochran for a good piece (even the part that wasn’t about us) and proving that indeed CQ is indeed the finest damned publication on the planet.

Who would disagree….?

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