Cool Stuff From National Manufacturing Week

By March 23, 2006General

Hope you’re keeping up with all the goings-on out at National Manufacturing Week, our annual trade show. This is the first year in many that the blogger-in-chief has missed it, and sad about it, too, ’cause it’s a doozy. The manufacturing vibe on the show floor is palpable.

Our good friends over at SBTV are out there filming like fiends. Here’s a link to their National Manufacturing Week site where they have a bunch of interviews, including two with NAM Board Members: Tony Raimondo of Behlen Manufacturing, all-around great guy and King of Nebraska, and Roger Hannay of Hannay Reels of Westerlo, New York. As Roger says about New York, “It’s like Sinatra says, ‘If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere'”, referring to their not-too-friendly business climate.

Do check back — and check the main NAM website — for updates and links to some of the speeches out there by folks like Commerce Secretary Gutierrez. Stay tuned.