CNN Presents: ‘We Were Warned’

By March 19, 2006Energy

Yesterday and today, CNN is running a special from correspondent Frank Sesno entitled, “We Were Warned“. Though we’ve not seen it or read the transcripts yet, the hype is that it’s “about the vulnerability of the world’s oil supply, the world’s remaining sources of oil and explor[ing] the potential of alternative fuels.” Included in the hype is this story, noting that a majority of Americans fear — among other things — the “vulnerability” of our oil supply. The poll itself is a parade of uninformed opinion, in that high percentages of folks blame either the oil companies or the President for our current predicament. In fact, for those who still subscribe to the tenets of the laws of supply and demand, the blame lies elsewhere.

Both you regular blog readers need not read further, because you know what we’re going to say. The radical environmental movement has had a virtual lock on the energy policy in this country for the past 30 years. As a result, we’ve had a virtual moratorium on all sources of energy. Our coal reserves exceed the world’s oil reserves, but it is not a “favored” fuel source among enviros. France gets 80+% of its power from nuclear, but we’re really not allowed to build anymore nuclear plants here. New construction on a nuclear plant hasn’t begun since the 70’s. ANWR would bring in as much oil as all of Texas does on-shore (ANWR, remember is the size of South Carolina and they’d only drill in a place one-fifth the size of Dulles Airport), but we’re thus far not allowed to go there. In the Outer Continental Shelf, there are 420 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, yet 85% of it is subject to a federal moratorium.

As for efficiency and alternative fuels, manufacturers lead the way in efficiency and we support the development of alternative fuels, always have. But in the meantime, while we’re waiting for those fuels to be developed, we need to tap our own domestic reserves.

So let us just say that regular blog readers were warned — warned that as long as we keep listening to the radical environmental movement in this country, we will continue to pay ever-escalating prices for energy and will continue to rely on foreign sources of oil.

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  • toby zabinski says:

    Was anyone able to copy this program? My school would like to view it?


  • MJ says:

    Pat… you areprobably right about the thrust of the CNN piece pushing the sheeple to believe that terrorism and the weather will be the cause of the coming chaos.

    Has anybody wondered about the significance of the title of the CNN Special: “We were Warned”.
    The use of the past tense and the ominous phrase is wierd.