Blogging: An Object Lesson

By March 8, 2006General

Just wanted to take a moment to step back and illustrate for both you regular blog readers the power and the dynamics of blogging.

As you know, a little over a week ago, a blog reader wrote to us to say that in a lecture at Yale Law School, Tom Friedman called Lou Dobbs “a blithering idiot”. There was no press in the room, and so we had nothing. Then she sent us a link to a video — who knew? We posted it, it got picked up by blog powerhouses Hugh Hewitt, Powerline and Instapundit for its sheer prurient interest. It was, in its own perverse way, newsworthy.

We mentioned Glenn Reynold’s book yesterday, “An Army of Davids“. This is exactly, how ordinary people — like our blog reader — get empowered. It’s like the antique business — one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. That is true in droves on the ‘net and in the blogosphere.

So keep your eyes peeled for videos, documents, items that might seem ordinary to you but in fact just might be newsworthy, that maybe should see the light of day. Feel free to drop us an e-mail and send it along. And thanks again to our anonymous blog reader who stayed anonymous but got a very interesting video clip into the public domain.